Special Orders Don’t Upset Us.

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There was a young girl named Jenna dining with her family,who has Celiac’s disease. Due to dietary concerns, she and her mother decided not to order anything from the GIF menu, which meant that she wouldn’t be having anything for dinner. When I found out that she wasn’t eating anything, I explained to her mother that there were many options, went over a few that they hadn’t thought about including calling us ahead of time so we could have something prepared and ready, and explained that we took allergies very seriously. (Turns out Mom had brought a homemade quesadilla from home, but was a little uncomfortable asking us to heat it up for Jenna. Not a problem I assured her, so we took the quesadilla and prepared it just right.)

After dinner, I came back to the table with a certificate for Jenna to come back and enjoy a meal with her family that she could order off the menu. She was so thrilled that we would do that for her, as was Mom. And when I explained what the Pay It Forward certificate was all about, she was very excited about her new responsibility.

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