Standing by our guests

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Christie let me know she was waiting on a guest that may need a little extra strength in her corner this week. A woman ordered a beer rather excitedly and later noted it was her last one for the week. She divulged she was going in for Chemo tomorrow and asked if we could do something nice. “Of course we can”!! I didn’t know how sensitive a subject was and try to be discreet around other guests when I RAK someone with a personal matter so when they were wrapping up I went over and said “I heard you may need a little extra strength in your corner this week”. With a big smile on her face she nodded rather excitedly and tipped her beer in agreement. I told her Christie shared it with me and that I wanted her to have something to look forward to when she was done with Chemo. So we issued her a $50 GC and said please come enjoy some Blue Moons and know we are in her corner. She thanked me and said “its about time this Cancer paid off, I’ll definitely come enjoy them when I can”. Her positive energy and strength was inspiring I hope she kicks Cancer’s ass!!!!

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