Still Some Kindness

GNHR RAK, T-BONES Bedford 1 Comment

I had an elderly couple come into the lounge to grab a bite to eat. Looking around and seeing only hightop tables left, they began to try to climb into the seats. A family sitting at a close by booth saw what was going on and immediately jumped into action. The mother asked if they would like to switch and that they would be willing to give up their booth and move their food and drinks to the hightop in order to let the couple have their spot. The couple was in shock that a complete stranger would do such a thing. Right at that moment, one of the other booths got up, so I intervened, and explained to the older couple that i would have a booth cleared for them in a matter of seconds and get them into it. They were thankful and got them in right away. I then returned to the table who had so graciously offered their booth with a Gift Certificate and explained that there are not enough kind people left in the world, that I was thankful for the gesture they had made to the couple. I gave them the Gift Certificate and a Pay it Forward certificate as well, and told them to continue to be kind to people and give a gift on us to someone else. They were so happy and thankful.

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