Super Cute and Appreciative

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Today, CJ’s RAK went first to a family of 5.  They were so thankful and excited about the promotion.  One of their little girls raised her hand and asked if she could be the one to hand it out.  Super cute.  The second went to a table of two sitting in the dining room tonight.  We had a party of 20 that we put in the adjoining room that turned into a party of 30 and spread into the main part of the dining room. They were extremely loud and this party was the only other party in the dining room at the time.  I wanted to do something nice for them because of this since they didn’t complain about it at all.  They both stared at me as I explained what we were doing (which made me a little uncomfortable and weary of having chosen this table), but as soon as I was done, they said “Yeah, I think we can do that.  How awesome!”  and were super appreciative.

– Amy Czyzewski

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