Old Friends

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Today, I chose a table at random. I saw a couple of older ladies having a long leisurely lunch. I chose them. Sandy and Diane were very happy to hear about our random acts. They said that their lunch was delicious, and the they love T-Bones. I have no doubt that they will pay it forward.

Helping Hand

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In Derry tonight, we had a couple of young girls dine here. When they went to leave, their battery in their car was dead. The young girl that was driving was a new driver, and was in a panic, seeing as she was driving her Mother’s car. They told the hostess that they needed help, and Toni went in search. Heather, overhearing Toni said that she had a friend in the bar that would help out. A abr regular Brian went out and assisted the young ladies, so I repaid his kind deed by picking up dinner for hima nd his friend. The guys were happy to have Brian’s kind deed repaid, and I have no doubt that Brian wiil find the right opportunity to pay it forward.

13 years later

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We had a couple come in on Saturday afternoon. They got here a little before we opened, so that they could make sure they got the correct seats at the bar. Christie relayed that the couple Todd and Lisa were  celebrating the 13th anniversary of their first date which was at  seats 13 and 14 at the bar. They have since married. I thought it was such a cool story, and thanked Christie for bringing it to my attention. The couple was thrilled that we recognized them, and I am sure that they will pay it forward.

Taking Mom Out

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In Derry we have a son that brings his mom out to lunch 3 to 5 times per week. Eugene and Anne have been coming here for years. They are such nice people and I chose them as my RAK this week. They were so appreciative! I am sure that they will pass along the gift certificate to make someone else’s day. It is such a great promotion to let our guests know that we truly appreciate their business.

Sad Homecoming

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In Derry, we had an ex employee David Driscoll come home from out west for his Father’s funeral. He came in to dinner with his Mother and 2 other people. We took  up his lunch tab. He was very grateful, and in his time of sorrow, I felt it was an easy RAK.

Happy Birthday Mom

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I have a small group of ladies that come to Derry every other week. This week, it was one of the ladies birthday. Ellen’s daughter called in the morning, and explained that she would like to buy her Mother’s dinner. I had not done my RAK for the week, and I thought that it was very thoughtful for Ellen’s daughter Christine to call and buy her mom lunch. I explained to Christine how nice I thought it was for her to hook Mom up, and decided to RAK the table. Needless to say, Ellen and the table were blown away, and Christine was as well.

New Parents

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Last Saturday night in Derry, I had a couple in with their new born.Andrew and Bethany came out with their newest addition to the family. The new baby was 5 months old. Grandma and Grandpa were watching they other child, allowing Mom and Dad a date night. I picked up their tab, and they were thrilled. I know that they will pay it forward.

Date Night

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One of my servers Jenny let me know that we had a couple dining tonight, that we out for their first date night after the birth of their first child. Taylor and Kim had their daughter 2 weeks ago, and got Grandma and grandpa to babysit for a couple of hours so that they could go out to dinner. They were very surprised, and extremely happy to be chose as my random act of kindness for the week. The will no doubt pay it forward.

First Timers

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I forgot to post my RAK story from last week. On Saturday night, Amanda let me know that we had a party in the lounge that were at T-Bones for the first time. Bob and Trudy live in the Portsmouth area, but were in our area visiting friends, and decided to go out to eat before returning home. They were very impressed with T-Bones, and said that they think a T-Bones in the Portsmouth area would do great. I have no doubt that they will take the time to PIF.

Brady’s Return

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So, since it was the return of Tom Brady. I gave my RAK to Bob and Claudette, who came in to the dining room wearing A Brady and A Gronk jersey, They were thrilled. I took up their tab, and they were excited to Pay it Forward.