Cancer Free <3

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A women named Trish came in today for lunch and was FULL of smiles!!!!! When asked why she was smiling so much, she informed us that she was just given the CANCER FREE bill of health from her Doctor!!!!!!!  Right then and there I knew I wanted to make her day extra special!!!! We bought her and her husbands lunch and gave them a gift card to come back and see us!!!! Trish was soooooo beyond grateful and welled up with tears!!!!! It truly was a great first RAK experience for me and I even got a hug!!!!!!!!!

40th Birthday Girl

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We had a party of 6 tonight with a lady celebrating her 40th with us-so I made a $41 Gift Certificate-40 for her 40th and one for good luck 🙂  We had fun reminiscing about the good ‘ol days when we were young.

Surprise Baby Announcement

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We had a party of 4 in, a young couple celebrating their one year anniversary, along with their in-laws.   The young couple also were surprising her parents with the news that they were expecting their first child.  We pretended she was drinking vodka and tonics because that we be the norm, but they were just tonic waters.  We brought a cupcake and created a special plaque with a message about the baby’s arrival!  I gave them a GC to come on back for a date night once the baby is born and of course, they were thrilled about the PIF certificate!

New Regulars !

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A regular couple were in the other day with another couple I didn’t recognize, so when I stopped by to say hi, we got into conversation.  They told me, Judy (new guest), was having a rough time lately so they wanted to take her out to lunch and spend time together.  It turns out she had just lost her father and her dog was sick and she had to make the decision to put him down…I went back to the table with a generous GC and the RAK certificate, and when I explained it all she burst into happy tears and got up and gave me a big hug-it was AWESOME!  Love doing these..

Stormy Skies Finally Clear

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My RAK this evening went to a very deserving couple!!! They had planned a date night and it all went to ruin! First their babysitter bailed and then while on a motorcycle ride and it stormed so they were soaked when they finally arrived. When they stopped, the restaurant they went to was closing. They called and asked if we were still open, and were pleasantly surprised when we were. We brought them a couple blankets, and we bought their dinner and dessert! They were so very grateful!! To have a bummer night turn into a great one was just what they needed!! They raved about the food and service!! Tina made their night!!  When I told them to pass it on they were so happy to oblige!! Today was their second time in and vow it won’t be the last!! It was so great to have made their night!!  

Copper Anniversary!

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My RAK tonight went to Mrogan and Jen Cline! They celebrated the Ten year “Copper ” Anniversary with us tonight! They were so sweet!! When I brought over a GC and explained our mission and the intention of RAK, they were over come with emotion!! Morgan Huged me, and Jen got teary, and then I got teary!! They said it was the nicest thing anyone has every done for them! They continued to tell me that Copper Door is their favorite, and that they couldn’t have been happier with their experience here thus far!! They also could not believe that we wanted them to pass it on as well!! I feel so proud to be part of a company that gives back to the customers, and community the way GNHR does! Its a great feeling!!  

New family in Town

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I had a family come in for lunch with an adorable little boy who had just moved into town, so I kinda stole Missy’s idea (loved it Missy), and gave him five $10 GC’s for dessert to bring to kids in the neighborhood (one for him!) as a way of introducing himself and gave the parents the RAK GC to give to a neighbor-they were thrilled!  

RAK for our Bank Receptionist

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Every morning when we call the bank to give them our change order, Shirley answers in her happy, upbeat way and it’s a great way to start the day.  Recently, she shared with me that she has cancer, but again she was positive and upbeat!  Tuesday morning when she answered she was not herself, so I asked how she was doing.  She had to move from her home this weekend and was just feeling down and tired and also sick too (I assume from treatments).   I made a gift certificate and booked over to our local florist on my way to the bank, ordered a beautiful bouquet flowers to brighten up the dreary day.  I wrote out and attached a nice note to the Gift Certificate/PIF GC to add to the arrangement-it was delivered a few hours later and it made her day.  She even tucked a nice thank you note into our change bag this morning…

Friends Consoling Each Other

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We had two ladies in Friday night, one had just lost her husband and the other had to put down her dog. It was an awful week for these friends.  I gave them a generous gift certificate to come again. As they were telling me how much they love it here, we all got a little teary and they were floored with what we do for our guests.

Caring For Our Vendors

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Paul from JP Pest control was in for a regular check and he was the NICEST, most polite, happy vendor I’ve ever dealt with.  We got to talking and he was telling me he and his wife have 3 kids and it keeps them jumping-they both work full time.  He shared that he and his wife had a tiff that morning and I said, “well I have a great way for you to get into good graces again!”.  I gave him a generous GC and told him to get a babysitter and enjoy a night out.  He was tearing up he was so happy and he was psyched to PIF too!