Paying it Forward and Forward Again

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A man came in and was asking how he could order some food to go for some friends that are going through a tough time. One of his friends has cancer, and the husband was too old to keep up with everything. The man thought it would be great if they had a “home cooked” meal from T-Bones. I told him I was taking care of the food and I thanked him for being so thoughtful for thinking of his friends. He shook my hand ,thanked me, and told me I made his day.

Food Pantry

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A  couple of regulars came in during lunch today and Claudette our hostess said  ” Wow, nice to see you during the day.”  As they were walking to their table I had over heard them saying that the husband had the day off and was helping her at the food pantry. The woman said she has worked there for 15 years. I knew in that moment I wanted to take care of their lunch. When I told them I had over heard the conversation and that I was taking care of their food the woman had tears in her eye. She later told me that they were going back to give food to 80 families and she would be able to give the $25 gift card to someone in need.  

Beating the Odds

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Last night I was working the host stand with a hostess that has been with the Hudson store from the start- the one and only Miss Claudette. A couple had walked in and they had showed Claudette a scar and she was very impressed and had asked me to come over to look. This man had 65 stitches in his head- 3 weeks ago he had a tumor removed – there is barely any scaring. I talked to Claudette about them after and she had told me that the wife had throat cancer a few years back. I went to the table and told them I was told about their story and I was buying them dinner. Both of them had tears in their eyes when they thanked me.

A Birthday Celebration

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Today I notice my hostess, Jamie, sitting down with some customers. I found out that she was eating lunch with her grandparents and it was her grandfather’s 88th birthday. I went over to explain to them what the random acts of kindness initiative was and to buy their lunches. They were so happy and said that they just may need to come back. Jamie later told me how excited they were!

Oh Camille

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Tonight some regulars came in, they called ahead like the normally do whether if it is a busy night or not, they love that we know their name right when they walk in. The wife’s name is Camille, which is also the name of my car. As I walked her to her table I told her it was the name of my car and the story behind the name. She though it was amusing. I told her that I was taking care of her and her husband’s dinner she said she was having the best week ever.

Young Gentleman

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Tonight a party of 6 came in and sat near the host stand. One of the hostess was moving some tables around near the family and a young man from the family asked if there was anything he could do to help. Although the help wasn’t needed he wasn’t taking no for an answer. I knew right then that he was going to be the one to RAK. I thanked him for the help and he said that he had some friends in mind that he could give it to.

Sweet Engagement

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Tonight I bought dessert for a couple sitting at the bar. They come in often and are recently engaged.  Tonight they were in the mood for mudslides and dessert. They said they will think carefully about who they pay it forward to.

T-BONE’s Tuesday

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Tonight I bought dessert for a family that comes in every Tuesday. They started coming in every week when the military discount started and they call it T-BONE’s Tuesday. They said I made it a special Tuesday and can’t wait to pay it forward.

New customers

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The other night I had a family of 5 come in from Maine. They had told a server that they would like to speak to a manager and I immediately thought something was wrong. When I got to the table they told me how happy they were to be here. They said everything was perfect from the service to the atmosphere. They let me know they were visiting from Maine and it was the first time they had ever been to a T-bones. I offered them all dessert for there visit and they couldn’t have been happier. When they were leaving they let me know that they  would be back soon.