57th Anniversary

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So tonight Alexa told me her table was celebrating their 57th wedding anniversary. I went over and asked how their day was going and they said wonderful they were celebrating.  She told me she would not trade him for the world with the biggest smile on her face. I told them both that I was going to take care of their dinner tonight. The woman grabbed my hand with big tears in her eyes and thanked me. The husband told me they would be back again next year for their anniversary.

Childhood Cancer

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Today a regular came in looking for a donation for a fundraiser he started. He told me it was for childhood cancer and he started it all on his own. He went into detail about what they would be doing at the fundraiser and how it affects the community as a whole.  I offered him two gift cards to raffle off at his event and he couldn’t have been more happy.

Braces Free

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Robyn, a long time server here at Hudson, brought her daughter and a friend in for lunch. They mentioned how they were celebrating the friend no longer having braces. I gave her a gift card for next time and told her to get something crunchy. She said she will have fun trying to find someone to give back to.

Burger Ladies

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Every Sunday there are two ladies that come in for burgers.  They get them in a specific way every time.  The ladies looked like they were in need of some cheer tonight so I bought them dinner. They were very thankful.

Canada Eh?

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I searched for a random party today to RAK. The couple I chose was all the way from Canada!  The woman told me about how much she loves coming to T-BONES and makes sure she and her husband come in everyday when they are visiting.

The Jokester

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Mary and Ed are frequent bar customers and all the bartenders love them. Ed loves to try out pick up lines and cracks everyone up because he is never serious.  Today I surprised them and took care of their appetizer.  Ed told me I would be added to his will for it! 🙂

Bad News

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We have a regular that comes in every Tuesday for his veteran’s discount. He sits alone every time, but is very friendly with the hostess and his server. He told us that his wife had died a couple months back and he has just found out that he had blood clots in his lungs. He said he doesn’t get to see his family much but they invited him over for the holidays. When I told him I was taking care of his lunch, he couldn’t have been happier.

41 years

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The other day I was waiting on a table and I over heard them say happy anniversary to one another. They are regulars here so I thought it would be nice to get a gift card for another visit. They were very thankful and cant wait to pay it forward.