Guests that feel like family

GNHRT-BONES Hudson 2 Comments

Tonight at the bar one of our amazing regulars came in and before I could even get them a drink she said that earlier this week I had come around the bar and gave her a hug and that she wanted to let me know that meant so much to her and that she needed that hug so badly that day.  Her story went on and she let me know that day she found out that her mother was very sick and that the doctors had told them there was nothing they could do and that it happened fast and she passed away yesterday.  I remember how earlier this week when I saw her I just felt she needed a hug and I’m so glad I was there to give it to her. I am going to take care of their dinner tonight and be so grateful for everyone in my life T-BONES staff and guests are all special to me.

A Small Rak

GNHRT-BONES Hudson 1 Comment

Today we had first time guests come into the bar.  They asked all kinds of questions about the menu and noted that everything looked so good.  They picked out the chicken wontons for an app while they decided on dinner.  I took off their app and let them know at the end of their meal. They were so happy and said they will definitely be back!