Bad Day Made Better

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Tonight Tabatha and Toni asked if we could RAK an older gentleman that was wearing a back brace. He fractured his back trying to catch his neighbor when he fell from a truck. Unfortunately, they both still got injured. But the neighbor’s injuries were minimal compared to what would have happened. We paid for their tab and they were SO very appreciative. They told me about how much they love T-BONES and have been loyal guests since the beginning.

Long Wait Time

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Tonight Christie told me she noticed a woman had been waiting for a single bar seat for quite sometime. It was over an hour until any seat became available. Tables opened up but she let many other guests go in front of her so she wouldn’t take up an entire table by herself. Christie asked if we could do something for her for being so kind. I told her about our RAK program and how I really appreciated her generosity towards other guests. We paid for her CBC and gave her a gift certificate for her next visit along with a RAK certificate to Pay It Forward. She immediately started crying and thanked us both. It’s heartwarming to see our guests displaying the qualities of GNHR.

Three Generations

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A few days ago I stopped to chat to a table with the most beautiful new born baby.  She was in with her mother and grandmother. Very nice people that I had met a few weeks prior. Well the grandmother’s meal didn’t come out as she had hoped. When I went to check on her and bring her a gift certificate for the inconvenience, she was shocked that I even did that and asked that I give it away to someone who needed it. I insisted she kept it, then paid for their meals and gave them two RAK GC’s to give away. I loved that she wanted me to Pay It Forward so I had to show them what GNHR is all about!

Loss of a son

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Jamie was serving two lovely ladies today. When they got to chatting they realized that Jamie was a classmate of her son who passed a few years ago. The anniversary of his death is approaching. Jamie asked to RAK them so we paid for the meal. They live on the seacoast and said they try to get over this way as much as possible to dine at T-bones. I also gave them a GC so now they have a reason to come see us again soon! They were floored that we did this and thrilled to Pay it forward! Tears in their eyes, they hugged both Jamie and myself.  

Brought to tears.

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Last week, Lisa had a mother and son arrive and realize she left her debit card at home. She promised she would call and pay for the food over the phone, but Lisa asked if we could present her with a RAK. I went over and told her that her tab was on the house. I explained to her about the $25 certificate to pay it forward. She started crying and told me that she had been having a really bad day and was so moved that we could do something like that for her!


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We have this family that comes to Derry T-bones a few times a week. They have grown to become friends with our staff and they take care of us! A lot of us use him as our mechanic.. great work and a great price!  Everyone is always happy to see them! Tonight, one of our bartenders was here celebrating her daughters 14th birthday at the same time this family was dining. They approached me to pick up their tab. I was blown away at their kindness so in turn I picked up their tab and gave them the $25 certificate to pay it forward. They were thrilled because they do random acts of kindness in their everyday lives and it has now came back to them. Their sons came with us to sing happy birthday, and the kiddos even exchanged numbers. Young love starting at T-bones tonight 🙂

Heartbroken Mom

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Kelly’s had a mother at her table who lost her son a few month ago in a car accident. Her story moved Kelly to tears so we decided to present her with the RAK certificate. They had already cashed out so we gave her a gift certificate for her next visit. She was very touched to be the recipient of act of kindness.

65 years of marriage

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Tonight while I was at the host stand, a very nice couple came in. They were teasing each other and just seemed still so in love. They told us they had been married for 65 years! They reminded me so much of my own grandparents, always making jokes but have so much love and really seemed like a couple to aspire to be like. They were dining with their son from Ohio and another couple. They were very excited and wowed to be the recipient of our RAK and to pay it forward.

New Smile!

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One of our servers was recently offered the opportunity to fix her smile. She was nominated by one of the bar regulars and she was selected! She always commented on my smile and how she wish she had one she was proud of. A few weeks ago, she got her smile! She is such a wonderful friend, employee and person. Last night the woman who did nominated her and did the work was at the bar. She had already cashed out by the time I was able to present her with the RAK so I gave her a $100 GC and the RAK to pay it forward even though she has clearly already done that. This woman dramatically changed the life of one of our servers and I am just amazed at her generosity!

Just Married

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Tonight Christie’s table told her their love story. It started in November 2005 when they met at a store she owned here in Derry. They had their first date at table 6 in the lounge and remembered exactly what they drank and ate that day. Well this past weekend they got married and they came in to sit at table 6 again to celebrate! They aren’t going on a honeymoon until next year so this was their mini celebration to start off their “staycation.” They were absolutely floored to receive a gift certificate for their next visit and to pay it forward!