Broken ribs and Broken Heart <3

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So tonight A regular of ours Lachlan came in for a quick bite to eat and immediately Patrick noticed two things.  One that he was by himself (he usually always has his girlfriend with him) and two he seemed down.  After chatting for a bit we learned that his girlfriend had taken a really bad fall at home and was in the hospital with a few broken ribs and fractured bones.  He had just left the hospital and was really shaken up.  So what better way to make someone smile than performing a random act of kindness!!!!!!!  We bought Lachlans dinner and I gave him a GC to come back with his girlfriend when she is feeling better!!!!!!!!!

Stormy Skies Finally Clear

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My RAK this evening went to a very deserving couple!!! They had planned a date night and it all went to ruin! First their babysitter bailed and then while on a motorcycle ride and it stormed so they were soaked when they finally arrived. When they stopped, the restaurant they went to was closing. They called and asked if we were still open, and were pleasantly surprised when we were. We brought them a couple blankets, and we bought their dinner and dessert! They were so very grateful!! To have a bummer night turn into a great one was just what they needed!! They raved about the food and service!! Tina made their night!!  When I told them to pass it on they were so happy to oblige!! Today was their second time in and vow it won’t be the last!! It was so great to have made their night!!