Sometimes it gets worse first…

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Sometimes it gets worse first, then it gets way better! On Saturday night these 2 young men came in to our lounge to grab a drink and dinner to end a bad day. The lounge was packed so they waited at the standing area and had a beer. Right as their table was ready one of the men spilled his entire beer all over the place. He was pretty bummed out about making a mess and spilling his beer but we assured him it wasn’t a big deal and got him situated at his table with a new one. Upon Ashlie waiting on him, she discovered that the men just got back from a car repair shop because they had a tire blow out and had to get all new tires! They expressed how much they were ready for it to be tomorrow already. Ashlie felt that we couldn’t let them go home after such a bad day and in a bad mood, so she asked to pick up their tab. I went over and explained to them that the bill was on us and how they can Pay It Forward and they were beyond grateful and more than willing to pay ti forward!

Home from the Hospital

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I answered the phone today for a takeout and immediately recognized the voice. It was an old coworker who has become very ill recently. After taking the order I inquired to how she was feeling and she told me she was on her way home from the hospital. When her husband came inside to pay I let him know it was on the house today and to make sure he Paid it Forward for us! They were absolutely delighted and very thankful!

Doggie visit

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Today Kristen and I decided to RAK a table that was enjoying the sunshine on our terrace with their little doggie friend. We picked up their food from the tab(including the dog food!). They were kind enough to ask us to do the table behind them instead because they were having a great time chatting with them. We explained to them that with their food being payed for that they get to do their own RAK with our pay it forward gift card. They immediately handed it to them and both tables were very happy!

Missing lunch date!

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A very nice lady came in for lunch today expecting to meet up with a friend. She was sat and had ordered both their meals while waiting for the other person to join. As her server, Lucy, was talking to her she got an unexpected call from her friend saying she was unable to make it. She proceeded to tell Lucy that this isn’t the first time this has happened to her and she would just take the other meal to go. Lucy didn’t have the heart to make her pay for both and let me in on the situation, explaining how sweet this lady was. I decided to RAK her and pick up both lunches. As I was sitting at the table chatting with her and explain how to pay it forward she said “I guess this is a great birthday after all!”. I was so excited to be able to turn around her day and sent her home with a slice of Chocolate Dream Cake as well!

Visitors from Virginia!

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Had a nice middle aged couple come in today from Virginia. They were saying to their server, Emma,  how everything was wonderful here and how glad they were that they chose to come here for lunch. Emma then asked if they have ever dined with any other of our restaurants and they said it was their first time in New Hampshire! I was very excited to be able to welcome them and get to “wow” them on their first trip to our great state and thank them for picking us for lunch, so I picked up their entire tab and asked them to pay it forward! The were very pleased and said they will definitely make a trip back to New Hampshire to visit us!

55 Years Strong!

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Had an elder couple that came in tonight and sat in the dining room. Gloria (host) pulled me aside and told me that when they came in the husband explained that they were supposed to be at the copper door with reservation but he got a little lost and decided to come here instead.  After, Gloria called the Copper Door to have them take the couple off of the list and they let her know the couple was supposed to be celebrating their anniversary. This was perfect in my mind to do a RAK! So when they ordered dessert, Liz(server) brought it out on a plate that I wrote “Happy Anniversary” in chocolate on! After they were done with everything I went over and explained that I wanted to make their night a little more special and pick up their tab. They were so appreciative and was very impressed that they get to pay it forward too.

Feet Up

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I saw a couple laughing and enjoying their drinks. This was the perfect RAK. I told them I saw them enjoying themselves and looking comfortable so I wanted to give them a GC for next time. He immediately pulled his feet down from the booth when I said “comfortable” and said “oh should I not have me feet up here” and we all laughed! They were so appreciative and fun!

an odd twist

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Had an elder gentleman asking the bartender how he can “rak” a friend of his that helped take care of him in a time of need. She explained that we do “rak’s” as a company and that the managers choose someone at random. He didn’t quite get the concept of how it worked so the bartender sent me over. Before I went over to introduce myself I inquired about the gentleman from a couple staff members. to which they all agreed that he was a regular and a very sweet man. So I ventured over and explained to him how a “Rak” really works and that I was going to RAK him and pick up his lunch because of how thoughtful he was. He told me that he had some health issues and his friend helped him through everything and all he wanted was to pay it back.

Boys in Blue!

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My RAK went to a group of five officers who came in to enjoy lunch. I went over when they were finishing up their meals and asked how everything was to which they all responded with how much they enjoyed it. I told them that I was going to pick up their entire tab but I needed them to do me a small favor and give away the $25 certificate. They all thanked me immensely.

Happy Easter!

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I know this is very late, but better late than never. Easter sunday was very very busy here in derry. We started of the day with 45 people being sat in less than 5 minutes after we opened! We were all hustling and bustling, but very much enjoying the day! Anyways, Maria (our hostess) came up to me and told me there was an elder lady on the phone asking if there was anyway we could deliver a ham dinner to her friend. I got on the phone and she explained that this gentlemen was in his 90’s, recently lost his wife, and had no means for transportation. My heart broke instantly and I couldn’t say no. I payed for the ham dinner and a piece of chocolate cake and had it delivered. Me and a bartender also filled a couple of plastic eggs with candies.