Mary on the Mend

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In Derry we have a well loved lounge regular. She is lively and fun, Often coming in with her girlfriends. She is a great souce of laughter with the staff. She had some serious medical problems and has not been in for months. Today she returned, and is doing well. I went over, chatted with her, and expressed how happy I am to see her back out to lunch with friends. I took care of her tab, and she’s looking forward to passing on the Rak certificate.

Happy Mama and kiddos!

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Tonight Scott (server) had a table with a mom and 2 young chilren. The children were beyond behaved. They were so excited and happy to be out with mom for dinner. This family made a big impression on Scott. I agreeded they would be a great family to make try to make their day. We bought their tab and gave them a RAK certificate to pass on. The woman was moved to tears.

Excitement at the Host Stand!

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I had a guest call in late night for takeout. He comes in often and usually gets the same item with extra pickles. I found out that he had asked his girlfriend to marry him! She said yes that day! We took care of their meals and passed on a RAK certificate to keep the happiness going. The guest looked at me shocked, and said ” Wow, This has been an awesome day!”. Everyone involved was excited and passed on their congratulations to the happy couple.

Tony for takeout!

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I had a guest call in late night for a take out, I asked the name…He said Tony. I asked are you gonna get a cheddar burger with extra pickles? He laughed and said yes, you know how much I don’t like cooking? We had a good conversation, and 15 minutes later he came in to get his takeout. I told him his burger was on the house, and gave him a gift certificate for another burger! We chatted about our RAK program and he was more than willing to keep the movement going to on by passing out our RAK certificate.

Welcoming Back Our Regulars!

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We had a couple that comes in often, they usually sit at the same table in the dining room and don’t need menus because they always know what they are getting! They are usually here at least once a week for an early dinner. Myself and some servers had noticed it had been quite some time since we saw them, then they returned! After going to a doctors appointment they stopped in for some dinner. The woman at the table expressed to me how much she missed the food and all the staff, but her husband underwent some extensive medical treatments, and he was finally on the road to recovery. It was a really nice reunion. Many servers stopped and said hello. We took care of there meal and asked them to Pay It Forward with a RAK certificate. We were all happy to see each other again!  

Karma in Full Circle

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Tonight I had a guest approach me, wanting to share that his server was doing an excellent job. She is a newer server and he was worried that another one of her tables was being difficult. He expressed that she was handling it very well. This man went above and beyond to make sure I was aware of the situation and that the server was taken care of, because of this I chose to RAK the table. He was taken back, and told me that he really does believe in karma.

From our restaurant family to yours

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Tonight we had a large party in the lounge of Cafe Teresa employees. They found out Sunday that their restaurant was closing and all needed to find new jobs. The crew gathered together tonight over the loss, and it was apparent that they were all family like with one and other. Hearing the news from our staff over what happened- I knew I wanted to RAK the table. I took care of all the food they ordered in addition to giving out 4 RAK certificates so they could keep the movement going. Tears and hugs were shared among all of us!

California Couple!

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Tonight Lou had a couple in the lounge visiting from California. They have never been to New England and a wedding has them here visiting. They shared that they collect items from places that they have visited. Dave and I went over to give them two tee shirts (of course one is the Red Sox logo!). The couple was very happy with the gesture and the new T-bones tees to add to their collection of travel souvenirs.

Adoption Celebration!

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Today I had two woman come in for lunch and they told me they were celebrating! Of course I had to ask why. I found out that one of the ladies received the news today that she would be adopting her baby brother out of the foster system. They were overjoyed to accept this baby into their family with open arms. Next they shared that there was a younger sister in the picture that they were also trying to adopt. I took care of the girls’ lunches and gave them a gift certificate in the hopes they would be returning to celebrate another adoption in the near future. I gave each of them a RAK certificate and asked them to keep the movement going. Teary-eyed, this woman said to me that she was grateful and excited to pass it on. She is going to give them out at a foster parent support group. I ended up giving them a few more to pass around at the group. It was a special Tuesday lunch!

Father and Daughter Reunited!

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We had a man come in tonight and sit down anxiously awaiting his daughter. He shared with his server that he hasn’t seen her in 16 years! They sat and had a long visit, I presented the RAK certificate and took care of their tab. The reaction at the table was priceless!