Stumble In, Wheel Out

GNHRT-BONES Laconia 2 Comments

Today we had a very nice guest, Helen, who struggled mightily entering the building.  Helen usually has a wheelchair when visiting, but it was left in a relative’s car and unavailable today.  She did not want that to keep her from her T-Bones lunch!  The long walk to her table proved a bit more challenging than expected, and Helen had a little spill (don’t worry, she literally fell into me and was okay!) While she was dining, I decided it may be a good idea to acquire a wheelchair for Helen’s departure, called around to locate one, and headed out.  She was very appreciative when I returned with her new ride, and relieved that her trip out would be much less eventful than her trip in!  I offered Helen to keep the wheelchair, but she refused.  I’ve been thinking it may be beneficial for us to have one on hand anyway, so I was able to get it and help out a great guest!