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Tonight a family of four came in, and as I walked by I noticed they were all playing cards together. Not one of them had any electronics out the whole time they were here; their server and I both thought it was great! When I stopped by, the parents said they were just trying to pro-long the inevitable that their children would be sucked into the electronics world but they were mind blown that they had their meals paid for, just for playing cards together! The kids were grinning from ear to ear as well.

Lobster Lover

GNHRT-BONES Salem 1 Comment

Recently, a woman came in and was so overly excited to see that we had Lobster back on our Summer Menu. She couldn’t contain it! I thought her and her guest would be great people to Pay it Forward to. Turns out, this was the last day of her 3 day field trip with middle schoolers and she came here to relax and celebrate. She definitely deserved her lobster roll!

Vasily & Friends

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We had a young boy here celebrating his birthday and he told his server that she was doing a great job but he wanted to give a special thanks to the chefs in the kitchen as he felt they don’t get the same recognition. We had one of our kitchen managers, Casey, come out so they could meet him, the boys were thrilled to meet the chef! I picked up their tab and their mom is going to help them find a good person who deserves to get the Pay it Forward certificate! As Vasily said “BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!”