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A couple of regulars Joanne and David Tessier were in for dinner at T-Bones Thursday night. After socializing for a bit with one of our bartenders Jocelyn they told her how their entire condo was flooded because of faulty plumbing in the condo above. They had been staying with various friends but it was clear they missed having their own home and personal space. I decided to give them a one night stay in a king suite at the Marriott Townplace Suites. I told them to pretend they were on vacation and try to have a good time. They were completely caught off guard and were beyond thankful.

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A nice lady came in this afternoon for lunch. She explained that typically she would just have a salad for lunch, but her boyfriend had just broken up with her so today she decided to spoil herself and try some steak tips. I decided I would try and brighten up her day a little bit and take care of her tab. She was grateful, and I was even able to get a smile out of her.