Fellow Bartenders!

GNHR T-BONES Bedford 1 Comment

Today I had the pleasure of doing a RAK for some of our fellow bartenders from Grand Slam Grill & Bar! Many of our staff frequents Grand Slam and they always treat us so well, I thought it would be great to treat them to dinner and pay it forward. They were super appreciative and thankful, and couldn’t wait to pass it along to some other folks in the industry 🙂

Familiar Faces!

GNHR T-BONES Bedford 2 Comments

I have recently started training for Assistant Management, and today I was able to do my first Random Act of Kindness! When walking through the dining room I recognized some familiar faces (regulars that have dined with us for YEARS). I remembered waiting on them on one of my very first serving shifts here at T-Bones Bedford, and they were so kind to me that I just knew I had to do something for them!  I was happy to sit down with them for a few minutes to catch up, and gave them a $25 gift certificate for their next visit. They were more than thankful, and mentioned that they remembered me from when I was a server on the floor over 5 years ago!