Mother Daughter Luncheon

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I picked at random today. I saw a mother and daughter having lunch and they were both laughing and enjoying one of our Max’d Margaritas. I thought YUP that’s the one for me. I went to the table with a $25 Gift Card and a Pay it Forward. They said that they had never seen that at restaurant before and were very impressed. It made their day and gave them an excuse to come and visit us again.

Forever Guest

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Elsie is a long time guest that I have waited on since back in my Bedford days. She comes at least 3 times a week and orders take out. She has recently been struggling and her son has been suffering through some medical issues. She came in yesterday to pick up her to go order and we had it covered. She was so shocked and sweet about it. She is one of our forever customers.

Christmas Cheer

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I had a couple of mentally disabled guests come in to the lounge for dinner.  They were wearing Santa hats and Christmas sweaters.  As servers or guests walked by their table they would stop them to show them a picture of themselves in the Santa hat and sweater.  They were fun and excited and determined to spread Christmas cheer to all that walked by.  I went to the table and laughed and joked with them.  I picked up their tab and gave them the $25 RAK to pay forward, they started giggling and saying “we knew it! we knew you’d do that!” they were so happy.  About 20 minutes after they left I received a phone call from a gentleman explaining that his handicapped brother and sister in law were in and wanted to be sure that we did actually pay for and comp their meals.  I explained our pay it forward program to him and he thanked me, saying that he is aware they can be a little crazy and people don’t typically show them such kindness.

Truly Random

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I did my RAK last night and it was truly just a Random table.  I asked one of the servers to go in the dining room and pick someone.  She picked a couple sitting outside of her station.  We went over to the table and they were very surprised.  They had never heard of that and honestly seemed a little confused.  We joked with party for a few minutes and I think we got us some new regulars!

1st Peeps of the day!

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I chose the first party that sat in the dining room this morning.  It was a party of 4.  A Mom and Dad and their 2 small kids.  I went over and explained who I am and what I wanted to do for them.  This was their 1st time in and a friend had told them about us.  They thought we were great so far, and I gave them a GC for a future visit.  Hopefully I we caught a new regular 🙂

Veggie Burger Smiles

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I have a guest that comes in fairly infrequently, but it is a neighbor of ours. She is often seen walking around in the area.  Some people had made comments of her perhaps being homeless, but I have spoken with her several times and she actually lives with her niece down the street. She is friendly, quiet and maybe a little lonely.  She came in tonight and ordered a Veggie burger.  I decided to RAK her.  It was definitely one of the ones that made me smile, as i don’t think she has very much.

1st GrandParents Day!

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I had a party of 4 tonight. Every time I walked by the table a little baby about 8 months old would wave to me with the biggest smile.  She was so happy throughout their entire meals.  I spoke with the party several times about how happy and adorable she was.  The older couple said they were in for Grandparents day and it was their first grandchild.  I decided to RAK them, since they were already receiving a 25% discount, I wanted to hook them up for their next visit.  I gave them a $25 GC and the pay it forward certificate.  They were laughing saying it pays to have a cute granddaughter.

Free Dessert for a Month!

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I Rak’d a 12 year old girl today.  I bought her dessert and gave her four $5.00 gift certificates to buy herself dessert the next 4 times she came in! I also gave her $25.00 to Pay It Forward and told her she could give it to anyone she wanted.  She was very excited to be chosen and I believe it made a huge impact on her parents.

Being Deployed to Germany!

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My Rak this week went to a family who had just got back from driving to Texas to pick up their son where he was stationed.  They learned on their way back to New Hampshire that he was going to be deployed to Germany in July.  They came in for dinner tonight to eat after their long drive home, son still in uniform.  They told me how proud of their son they were and how wonderful it is to see kind people in the world.  The father is priest and says that as a family they often do random acts of kindness and was very happy to be a recipient of one.