Rak 2 of RAK week

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We had a family dining the other night that had dined for the first time with us. (lightbult perfect RAK table) I overheard them talking about how great their server was and injected myself into the conversation. The server happened to be very new and so I caught them on the way out by accident with a  RAK certificates. I let them know a little bit about our company’s community interests and our RAK program and asked them to keep the RAK week going with their pay it forward Certificate. I then invited them to come back and dine with us again and enjoy another meal with us in hopes of earning their regular status with our Derry Location so presented them with a Gift Certificate. We hope to see them soon

Happy RAK week (day 1)

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Happy Monday Happy National RAK Week   In honor of the first day of RAK week I chose the last guest in the lounge tonight. I recognized a guest I’ve seen many times but having not worked on the bar before I was not on a first name basis with this gentlemen. He’s always smiling, pleasant and engaging with the bartenders.  So I introduced myself and shared my excitement for celebrating a week that gives people a chance to do something nice for absolutely  no reason other than they can. He already has someone in mind that he thinks will be a worthy recipient of a RAK certificate to pay it forward and after some idle chit chat he thanked me for such an awesome way to end his night.  He was only in for a beer and  pizza and instead left with the excitement to do something nice for someone. He sought me out for one last thank you and to assure me He was going to make someone’s day. Happy RAK week. 6 more to come 🙂

Wedding Bells

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The other day on my way out Tina approached me to let me know a couple was dining after just getting married. They came in to celebrate with a couple snacks and margaritas. As they finished up Tina and I joined them at the table to wish them well, many years of a happy marraige and to let them know we wanted to make their day a little more exciting. I picked up the food items on the check and presented them with a   $50 Gift Certificate so they could come back out to dinner and asked them for their first job as newleyweds to find someone to present a random act of kindness and pay it forward with one of our RAK GCs. The husband was super emotional and both were very grateful. They were really shocked we did such a thing and will be back to share their story of their RAK

Happy Anniversary

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We had a guest that came in for their anniversary and was asking what we did for Anniversaries as they were hoping for a little extra special something. They felt a little “off put” by the servers response so I went over to smooth things out. I explained the email club signup and that we have different promotions that come during anniversary months like the birthday coupon. So since they had a snowflake coupon they would not have been able to participate in those coupons regardless and that’s what the server was trying to convey but it came out with the guest feeling a little slighted unintentionally. I said we would love to make their night however and do a little something better than a coupon and I picked up their check. It wasn’t much as they wanted to share a meal (they thought it was cute :)) I had them each select a dessert and went to make it for them to take home. I packed it up for them, brought it over with a candle (her birthday had just passed) and gave them a Gift Certificate for the amount of the snowflake they had scratched. I wished them many more years together and told them go enjoy their cake – we had picked up tonight’s meal. She was overwhelmed and apologized for taking it the wrong way when the server tried to explain. We made their night and they left smiling ear to ear holding hands 🙂

job shadow rak

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So today I had a job shadow with a student from Pinkerton Academy. She was sitting with me logging the PFG order when she noticed an older woman sitting alone and felt for this lady. I told her she could go over and ask her if she wanted to join her for dessert and offer her something sweet. She was super apprehensive and nervous about how to go about it so despite my RAK this week already, I told her about our program and allowed her to approach with the RAK instead of alone without purpose. She was Mic’d up with me during the day so I encouraged her along the way as she finally walked over (I was watching on the camera) and sat down!! Amber, her server, came over and said the woman was beaming with happiness over someone to share her time. 40!!!! minutes later the student asked me to come over to the table and the woman told me how they had been talking…talking about how the world goes round, how the world is different now and how she can learn to live in it. She had woke up that day asking God for someone to share that with and here she was spending this time with this lovely young lady and how happy it made her. When she asked me for her server to bring the check I realized the student hadn’t even told her that part yet and let her know what we were doing for her and it just made the whole experience even more valuable. She thanked me and gave me some advice of my own as the young lady was actually my daughter 🙂 It was really awesome to watch it unfold and see how happy it made both people. Proud mama moment right here.    

How can you RAK this family enough

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**Warning** You may want to have tissues   Most people have felt the loss cancer can bring in some varying form. The onset can be the scariest part….not knowing if your prognosis is correct, not knowing if you will see your children grow up, or if you will grow old with your spouse. I can’t imagine experiencing  it on a first person level. I have only experienced the scare as it plagued my mother and father but both survived with aggressive surgeries and minimal long term effects. When Jessica approached me and shared she was just in a conversation with a guest about his families troubles, I couldn’t not react in some way to say we care deeply for your family and this most difficult time- what can we do… This gentlemen was dining with his wife. She was diagnosed with Stage 3 cancer. She is thankfully expected to live but you can see the cancer has taken the liveliness from her. What can be more heartbreaking than seeing your wife suffer through treatment? Your daughter being diagnosed a day apart with Stage 4 and not expected to make it. While the mother is suffering through her battle she and her husband have taken her daughter in with her kids and husband who is a marine and not home at all times. (I believe he is expected to take leave soon to be home through the next stages). The daughter is unable to eat, nor wishes to eat anything other than Mashed Potatoes preferably from here so we bought her all the mashed potatoes she will ever want. We took care of the couples tab and shared a card for them to give to their daughter with GCs in it attached to a note to recieve all the Mashed potatoes her heart desires. There is not a random act of kindness big enough to take the worry and pain away from this family but as they were leaving and sought me out to thank me, I knew that small guesture was greatly appreciated and when the mother smiled just a little bit with the sign of tears in her eyes I was grateful for the rush of a busy shift.    

Server RAKs on her own

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Tonight I received a phone call in regards to a guests’ experience in Derry. She explained she had a very long day and was stuck in horrible traffic on 93 so came in to eat to escape the traffic, relax and kind of decompress from the day. She was with her daughter and just needed to come in for some food and wrap up her day with a drink before going home. She continued to stress how she needed to just have a nice meal. I started to feel like she was about to tell me of a horrible experience when she just needed to have an enjoyable time for whatever reason. I could hear the shakiness in her voice. What followed made me incredibly proud of my server. Tara took wonderful care of this mother and daughter. Made them feel well “taken care of”. She was kind and friendly and made their experience worth the stop. See, What had happened that day was enough to exhaust and deplete anyone. They spent the day at CMC. Her husband had Bi-Pass Surgery that day and although it went well it was a terrifying day. They experienced exactly what they needed. When Tara came over with the check she delivered a chocolate cake and said after  a long hard day you deserve to have a piece of chocolate cake. Maybe that will make you feel a little better once you’ve made it home. Tara could sense her sadness and just made one very simple gesture to try to make her smile. It was so heartwarming and to think Tara didn’t know anything about this woman’s day but was moved to do something kind. The woman did all she could to not be moved to tears inside the restaurant and waited to get home to call me and thank me for Tara’s Random Act of Kindness.  After she shared her story and wanted to make sure I knew how special Tara’s experience was with this woman I asked her for her address and am sending her a Gift Certificate so she and her husband can come out to eat and dine in once he’s recovered and home. They of course will ask for Tara. This isn’t my typical RAK story done on my own but certainly worth leaving here as it embodies everything our RAKs  stand for. I will be reading the story at premeal and give her a gift certificate in front of her peers so she can know how special she is and what she did for this woman and her daughter on a most difficult day. I’ll share it on Staff Matters once I’ve made a big deal about it “in house” 🙂

Unexpected Friends

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I had the pleasure of meeting a woman who has befriended a young man that lives next door. He is Autistic/Asperger’s Syndrome and is high functioning so he helps her out around the house, does her landscaping, odd jobs etc.. She helps him with social interactions, someone to talk to and brings him out to lunch. He only comes here!!! Although he struggles with social skills, he is confident ordering a chicken pot pie and dining in at our Derry location. He is a triplet and at 20 years old he is watching his sisters go off to college and it difficult for him since he doesn’t get to do the things we take for granted. This woman is his friend and our store is his place. After he left I sat and joined the woman for a little bit while she told me their story. I presented her with a gift card so they could come out for lunch again and gave her the RAK certificate to pay it forward and together find someone they could give it to. She wanted to let him give it to his parents and proudly say it was because he did such a good job today saying “thank you”. We went one step further and I issued another Gift Card so he could give his parents the opportunity to go out to dinner themselves.  She was thrilled and of course I made her cry. It was a very emotional conversation and was at the beginning of the shift. It definitely changed the course of the day for me as I’ve been having my own personal world a little upside down lately so this was a huge reminder that there are better things to focus on and be grateful for.

Birthday Dinner

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Yesterday a young woman came in anxiously awaiting the arrival of her sons. They joined her, ordered drinks and an appetizer, and left almost as quickly as they came in. She was left with an order she had placed, asked for it to go and was visibly upset although clearly working hard at not showing it. I went over, asked her about her day and she explained it was supposed to be her birthday lunch with her sons. I wanted to make her birthday day a little happier. I bought her take out and gave her a gift card to come back with her family for a nice meal. It definitely made her feel a little better about spending the time alone. We wished her well to enjoy the holidays and asked her to pass it along with a RAK certificate. Not the birthday dinner planned but at least we made it a little more special!

Our Biggest Fans

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A couple months ago, I received a message on our Derry T-BONES FB page with an image of a young boys homework. It showed his family dynamics and things the family does that he loves. Amongst it was his favorite place to go and favorite thing to do as a family. Guess what it was…….”go to T-BONES”. So I responded back asking his dad to message me with their address so I could send him a letter addressed to him with a GC attached so he could come in and buy his own dinner next time. His dad messaged back and after he received the letter let me know how ecstatic he was and what it meant to him. Tonight they visited and asked for me, thankfully I was working. I asked his family if I could take him to the kitchen area and show him a surprise. On our “star” board is a picture of his homework. I brought him over and showed him when people say something nice about our servers we like them to feel good and display the message. And that’s just what his paper did. He was awestruck to see his writing and copy of his homework on the board saying Going to T-bones is what’s so special about his family. They were visiting to celebrate his mom’s birthday tonight. They wished for no dessert so when finished I went over with a GC for their next visit so he could take his family out for dessert and then do something nice for someone else with our RAK certificate. He was there with extended family so they explained the idea to him about paying it forward and he thanked me for making his night. The big smile on his face when he walked out with the RAK certificate in hand it couldn’t have felt any better.