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Tonight I gave our Random Act of Kindness to a couple who frequents our Derry store multiple times a week and has since we opened. She also served as a council member in Derry for  many years so I know she will spread great word of our program and was surprised she didn’t know if it sooner. She is also a customer we have won back from a period when she felt like we weren’t performing up to par so this was a great way to show her some positive things we do with our great company.  She looks forward to spreading kindness with her GC.

Veteran enters nursing home

GNHR RAK, T-BONES Derry 1 Comment

A group of regulars joined us today. Jessica Cone was the server but Kelly recognized one of the members and proceeded to ask how she and her husband have been. The woman shared her husband, Donny a Retired Veteran, has entered the nursing home for the last time. He is in the final stages of his life. We decided to bring some happiness to their day by sharing our Random Act of Kindness program.  They were extremely appreciative, impressed and looking forward to sharing their Random Act of Kindness with the $25 Gift Certificate we provided.

Out of town’ers

GNHR RAK, T-BONES Derry 1 Comment

Tonight a server, Jenny, approached me about her table that was from out of town. They were already planning on returning this week before they returned home to visit Jenny again. They were very impressed with our restaurant and glad they chose us during their stay so we decided to impress them more by RAKing them. They thought our PAY IT FORWARD program was wonderful and was looking forward to giving someone a random act of kindness themselves.