Power of Compassion

GNHRCactus Jack's Manchester 1 Comment

I did 2 RAKs this week.  The first one was for a table who has twins with special needs.  The children turned 21 and were accepted into a school that would help the twins develop life skills they need.  Barb was their server and stated they used to be regular guests, but hadn’t visited in a very long time due to time restraints. We gave them a Gift Card to return and they were very excited to have time out. My second RAK came from one of our bartenders, Carmen. A couple of her regulars had come for lunch in a very somber mood. They had just put their family dog down and were very upset.  They were grateful for the Random Act of Kindness. Carmen very graciously explained that we are animal people here and we understand the pain and the power of compassion.