She Needed a Smile

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Last week I RAK’d a young lady who looked like she needed a smile!  I bought her and her dad dinner and explained PIF to her and asked her to help me make someone else day.  That did the trick!  BIG SMILE!

Girl Scouts

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Saturday night a very tired mom and her 2 girls came in for dinner.  They just spent 10 hours at Girl Scout Camp. Who better to PIF than a couple of Girl Scouts. I bought their dinner and explained PIF.  They couldn’t be more excited. Their mom and I talked for a few. They were a very nice family and they promised me they would be back to share their story with me!

Love to the Special Education Teachers

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Tonight I was asked to help a table pull up their appetizer coupon on their phone. I ended up chatting with these 2 lovely ladies and learned they are 4th grade Special Education teachers!  For those that may not know, my son has some difficulties and receives services with the Special Education department at his school!  These two were a joy to talk with and even gave me a few pointers to help with his exceptionalities.  I couldn’t let these two leave with out a little PIF love!  Tears fell and hugs all around! Love This Promotion!

Happy 83rd Mary!

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Mary is a long time regular here in Bedford and one of the nicest ladies you will ever meet.  She was in tonight with 26 of her family members!  I bought their apps and gave Mary the PIF to give out!  She was over the moon!

Needed a Smile!

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Tonight Diane, a regular came in for take out. We haven’t seen her in awhile due to her husband having a stroke and not doing well.  She feels weird coming in without him.  We bought her take out and gave her a PIF to make someone else’s day a little brighter!  I’m glad we could brighten her day even if it was just for a moment!

Early Mother’s Day Treat

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A nice lady came in Saturday wanting take out. Her husband assured her they had $10 on their Paybacks$ Card so he could order prime rib.  When we looked, no Payback$.  She was going to change her meal to a kids meal so he could still have his prime rib, but no way that was happening on my watch!  I bought her dinner and gave her a PIF for the next time!

Late Night Visit

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A young man came in tonight to grab some take out after a long day at work!  When we ran his card it declined. I couldn’t let him leave hungry, so who better to RAK. He was so moved and can’t wait to PIF to someone!  Love making people smile!!!

Three’s Company

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We had a fun group sitting with us at the bar.  They kept the staff and guests entertained.  They just seemed like they would really enjoy a PIF certificate and I was right… they are on a mission for the best PIF they can find!


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We had a table of the cuties 3 year old twins today that have better manners than most adults!  Super Quite and the parents where very grateful and surprise that we had this awesome promotion!