Nurse to the rescue

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We had a medical emergency here today at Salem T-Bones in which a guest had fainted and was unconscious for a while. A guest came and stated that she was a nurse and proceeded to take control of the situation and check the gentleman’s vital signs. She stayed by his side until the first responders arrived on scene and because of these actions she was more than deserving of a Random Act of Kindness.

Active Duty From N.C

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Had a guest who was stationed in Ft. Bragg, North Carolina. They drove up to New Hampshire to be with family for the Fourth. His wife was also a veteran. They said the area they live in isn’t the best area so they decided on a whim to drive up here to enjoy the celebrations. So I thought they’d be a perfect couple to receive a RAK.

Very Brave Girl

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This is from Rick Pflug, our manager in training: A young lady and her mother had arrived at the restaurant after enjoying the day out together. We had overheard the mother speaking to the girl about how brave she was while having her ears pierced. We thought the young lady should be rewarded for her bravery and decided to give her a random act kindness. We presented them with a 25 dollar gift card for their next visit. The mother excitedly told her daughter “See what good things can happen when you’re brave.” Needless to say they were both pleasantly surprised.