We were robbed!!

GNHRCopper Door Bedford, RAK 1 Comment

I waited on the nicest couple tonight at Bedford Copper Door.  We got to talking and they told me their house had been robbed a few months back.  Along with jewelry and other valuables that were stolen, money that they had set aside for a special, celebratory dinner was also taken.  Friends from her work had pooled money to get them a gift card to make up for the loss. They took a ton of pictures to show her friends at work the amazing dinner they had.  At the end of their meal, I told them their dinner was on us and to save their gift card to come in again.  They were so appreciative.  By the end, I was crying and so were they.  My manager, Nikki, spoke with them and was also touched by their appreciation.  She gave them a gift certificate to come back and see us again.  I love that our company allows us to do this amazing good thing for our guests.