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My RAK on Thursday was actually given out by one of our kitchen managers, Tony Palevicius. He loves to participate in random acts and knew the perfect couple to hook up. We bought dinner for a couple who Tony knew had just had some health scares and knew how important that it was to see them out and about. They were very thankful and happy to pay it forward!

Rest and Ham Dinner

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Here at Hudson T-bones like us all we have our regular’s. Today I had Mike who comes in around 5 times a week. He wasn’t feeling well but felt like he should eat. On Sundays we run ham dinner and along with everyone else in the world Mike loves ham. I packed him a ham dinner to go with some chicken noodle soup with hopes that with rest, chicken soup and the love from a ham dinner he would begin to feel better. He was very appreciated and can’t wait to pay it forward…