Taking care of those who take care of others

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I had a young man part of ROTC that came in on memorial day, and had a conversation with me up front. He was asking me to hang a poster for the staff to inform that the Air force is hiring. I had a bar guest come up to me after asking where the man was sitting, she wanted to take care of his lunch. I told her that I really like that she was going to do that, but that he didn’t come in for lunch. The guest explains that she always does, and has a nephew who is in the service. She hopes that someone out there will pay it forward to him. Unfortunately he doesn’t live local. I went back over to her and passed her a gift certifcate for herself, I said “I want to take care of your tab next time you come in, since youre often taking care of others”. The woman gave me the warmest smile, then wrapped me in a hug! This was a specail moment to happen on this memorial day lunch.

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