Thank You Maggie For A Job Well Done!

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Some of you may already know Maggie, but if you don’t let me tell you a little bit about her.  Maggie does all of the flowers outside of our store here in Derry, she also does Hudson and Salem. She comes in to Derry almost every single day and does some sort of odd job. It may be to pick up GC’s to drop off at our local floral shop for our lobby arrangements, or because she wanted to pick up the trash in the surrounding area, or she wanted to drop off food and snacks for the staff. She has passion for our company as if she were an everyday employee.  She is one of the greatest, funniest, caring woman I know.  We decided collectively as a team to put our weeks worth of RAK’s in together and RAK Maggie.  We gave her a St.Pats day card, a $150 gift certificate with a $25 RAK certificate to give out to someone.  She was very surprised and although we couldn’t get her to cry (although I think she was going to) I know we made her day.  It was are way of saying “Thank you Mags we appreciate all your hard work and dedication”



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