The Doorman

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My RAK was easy today.  We had an elderly couple leaving the restaurant.  The woman was having difficulty trying to navigate her walker through the door that her husband was holding open.  I went up and held the other door to make it easier for her.  At the same time, a man in his early-mid twenties was walking in, and stopped when he saw the woman and turned to hold the outside door open for her.  If that wasn’t enough, at least ten more people were coming in at the same time.  He held the door for each and every one of them making a sweet comment every time.  “Nice day today”, “Isn’t this place great”, and so on and so forth.  He pretty much made my decision for me.  When I approached him to tell him that we were buying his lunch, he stopped me to tell me how much he was enjoying one of our specials and that it had perhaps become his new favorite.  To say that he was surprised was an understatement.

– Tricia St. George

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