Tips 4 Toys RAK’n!

GNHRT-BONES Hudson 2 Comments

While shopping at Toys “R” Us on Monday I brought along a stack of RAK’s to randomly hand out.  I gave each employee one to give to someone shopping in the store.  It was great to see them going up to random people and giving them a little piece of holiday cheer (on a messy, snowy day no less!).  We even recognized the staff who helped ring up the almost $20K in toys!   Merry Christmas all!

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  1. This is so awesome Denis 🙂 Your (home) family is very blessed to have you and we (your work family) is too <3
    Love the examples you set and your leadership approach. Your staff, whether they stay long term or short term, will always remember the exemplary person you are and it shines a very bright light on our company. Thank you.

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