Turning the Day Around

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Tonight’s RAK went to a couple in the dining room. I tried to pick a  party when it wasn’t too busy, so when they were done with their dinner, it was the perfect time!  When I approached the table, they were both on their phones, and the woman looked pretty upset.  I introduced myself and explained that we were picking up their check tonight and what the RAK and Pay It Forward were all about.  Her eyes filled with tears and she said “You just turned a really bad day around for us, thank you!”.  Turns out that they had both been in the hospital all day as her father is very ill.  They left only to grab something to eat and chose here.  When I went to the table, she was having a hard time finding her e-mail with the app calendar on it.  She knew before I even left the table that she was going to Pay It Forward to one of the nurses in the hospital.  She didn’t know which one, but her mind was made up.  Love making people’s day a little bit better!!

– Tricia St. George

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