Visit from the Tooth Fairy

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Tonight I stopped by a table with a dad Gary, and his little daughter Ava.  They had just completed dinner and was going to clear their dishes.  Ava stated that she wanted a cookie (she got the KLW Salmon).  So I said I’ll get you one – before I could leave the table she showed me that she lost her tooth just a couple of days before.  We chatted and she said the tooth fairy left her $4.  I left and knew I was going to RAK them.  I brought over the cookie along with a tiny “fib”.  I let her know that the tooth fairy had actually called us and said to surprise her some more.  I told her we were taking care of their dinner and handed her the $25 RAK certificate.  Her jaw dropped!  She was very excited and left the restaurant thanking the tooth fairy out in the open.  Really cute girl…they’ll be back!

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