Wooooooo Hooooooo !

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Tonight as I was walking into work I saw a dad and his son get out of their vehicle and heard the young man scream and I quote “YES T-Bones Woo Hoo. T-Bones T-Bones T-Bones! This made me smile because he clearly was so excited to be coming into diner this evening! I knew from that moment I wanted to make his night extra special. After they were done eating I went over and told this young man that I heard his happy chant in the parking lot and he seemed to get embarrassed. I told him when I was younger that I had the same reaction he did when I would go to Hudson with my parents! I gave him a gift certificate to bring his dad out to dinner and also a pair of our awesome kids sunglasses! He almost screamed again and was beyond thrilled… Moments like this is truly what makes me so proud to work for this amazing company and see how many smiles we can give someone!

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