Tragic Loss

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I found out recently through social media of a schoolmate who lost their brother. This man has had cousins who worked for the company and did so in the past for a few years. So many people know this family, T-bones employees as well as locals. He was a beloved brother,uncle father to two, step father to three fiance and friend to so many. I noticed the immediate family of the Gentleman come in to dine tonight in Hudson T-Bones. I later approached them and let them know we would be taking care of them this evening and offered my condolences for their  loss. They were extremely appreciative. I only spoke with them a couple of times as I knew they would want space. I just hope we made their night a little better by the good gesture. I am very proud to work for a company that gives so much.

A father and daughter reunited!

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We had a man come in tonight and sit down anxiously awaiting his daughter. He shared with his server that he hasn’t seen her in 16 years! They sat and had a long visit, I presented the RAK and took care of their tab. The reaction at the table was priceless

Three sweet boys plus a birthday!

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Tonight I was walking thought the dining room and happened to see a family with three sons sitting down for dinner. The boys were quite young and on their best behavior. I was taken back listening to their manners and politeness! It was a wonderful family, the boys were exceptionally good. I went over the the table and complimented the boys. I had a nice conversation with the parents and I gave them that rack. They were so excited to pass it on. I found out it was the father’s birthday as well. It was over all a very happy and sweet experience to be a part of.

broken heart

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The other night Amber came to me with a terribly sad story. A regular, had not been in for awhile. The last time they visited us their daughter had a seizure and died. They had to leave our restaurant and on the way home she died. She was 18 years old and this was their first visit back. Amber came to me and asked if we could RAK them and of course we all hugged and cried and I couldn’t be more proud to have given them a warm welcome back


GNHR Cactus Jack's Manchester 1 Comment

I did 2 Raks this week.  The first one was for a table who has handicapped twins.  The children turned 21 and were accepted into a school that would help with their parents have a little more free time, while helping the twins to develop skills they  needed.  Barb was their server and stated they used to be regular guests, but hadn’t visited in a very long time due to time restraints.  We gave them a GC to return and they were very excited to have time out.

My second RAK came from one of our bartenders Carmen, a couple, her regulars had come for lunch in a very somber mood, they had just put their family dog down and were just sad.  They were very grateful stating that they did not tell her so they get something for free.  Carmen very graciously explained that we are animal people here and we understand the pain and the power of compassion.

Save A Life

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Had a scary situation at the restaurant today. A man began to choke on his bread and was in a panic. Had another guest immediately spring into action and assist the man with the heimlich maneuver and dislodge the bread. The staff handled the entire situation great by coming to get me and I came around the corner just as the one man was saving the other. After all of the “excitement”, I was able to speak with both tables, and found out the rescuer was actually a retired NYC Fire Fighter who was more than happy to assist when he is needed. I bought lunch for he and his wife. The man who had been choking also thanked the man over and over. I also gave a Pay It Forward to the rescuer who was very thankful for all we had done for he and his wife when he was reacting to a situation he knew all too well and had been trained to handle.

christmas will never be the same

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Today a couple came in that I recognized.  My husband Steven had grown up with their youngest son. A few months ago they had lost their oldest son to his addiction and was spending their first Christmas without him in their home. I immediately thought about a RAK so I could do something nice for them as I can only imagine Christmas will never be the same. They were of course very surprised and grateful.

Three Generations

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A few days ago I stopped to chat to a table with the most beautiful new born baby.  She was in with her mother and grandmother. Very nice people that I had met a few weeks prior. Well the grandmothers meal didn’t come out as she had hoped for. So when I went to check on her and bring her a gift certificate for the inconvenience. She was shocked that I even did that and asked that instead I give it away to someone who needed it. I insisted she kept it, then paid for their meals and gave them two RAK GC’s to give away. I loved that she wanted me to pay it forward so I had to show them what GNHR is all about!

child RAK

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a week ago



my favorite RAKS are ones with children. They are so pure hearted and love to share greatness. They almost always want to give it away immediately and that’s exactly what happened….again. Dad and daughter were out dining together and i asked her if she wanted to make someones heart happy. It brought a huge smile and she walked around looking for that special eye contact 🙂

keeping with the spirit

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After a day out in the public, it felt only right that i RAK someone in our own store tonight! There was a table sitting in the corner speaking softly and clearly distressed. Their server Tina said she had overheard her not wanting to go home and picked up on bits and pieces of her conversation leading her to believe she was not in a happy place. When I shared the great RAK movement of GNHR i could tell she was overwhelmed and without words. I left the table and wished them a Merry Christmas but it spawned a conversation with Tina and she opened up about having just come from services and lost her dad. I couldn’t imagine that loss and right before Xmas. Glad I could shed some positivity and light in her heart.