32nd Anniversary

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Kris had a couple on the Patio today that was celebrating their 32nd Anniversary. Brian and Mike have been a couple for 32 years, and celebrated their big day at T-Bones. We took care of their tab, and they were very appreciative. I am sure that they will pay it forward.

Rescue Rewarded

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The other night we had a family dining. The parents live on the coast and were visiting so all came to dine with us here in Derry. Not long into their dinner course the dad/grandfather began to choke. A nearby table took notice and jumped to his aid. Despite apparently purging what was stuck the gentlemen was uncomfortable so he began walking away. The man that intervened happened to be an officer and escorted him outside where he laid him down after becoming visibly short of breath, losing a moment of consciousness and kept him safe while we waited for EMS to arrive. It wasn’t until he was on the ambulance that he joined his family and finished dining. The family was so grateful that they wanted to buy his family’s dinner. Instead, we took care of the them ourselves and thanked him for being so alert, responsive and selfless. They humbly accepted the offer and will absolutely keep moving kindness forward with the RAK certificate.

Wow!!!! 62 years

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My RAK from last week went to Gary and Clarisse. Their server Tina let me know that they were in for a pre celebration. They came in for lunch to celebrate a couple of days early their 62nd wedding anniversary. They were very excited that we hooked them up. It has only been a couple of days, and I received in the mail today a Thank You card. I am sure that they will pay it forward. I love that our managers take advantage of the RAK’s to make someones day.

Make A Wish- 1st stop T-bones, Next stop Italy

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Tonight we had a family meet with Make-A-Wish for dinner to make special plans. Our young guest is planning a trip to Italy with his family for his wish. I went over and met the young man and asked him where he was planning on going, His eyes lit with excitment telling me about his plans to go to multiple stops across the country. His younger brother was excited to go to take pictures with all the birds by the fountains. We took care of the meal, and I asked the young man and the Make-A-Wish coordinator to Pass on the RAK certificates. The Make-A-Wish coordinator came in after the meal to speak with me. She was so appreciative of meal for the family. Orginally she had tried to set the plans for an Italian restaurant since he was planning a trip to italy, But the boy insisted on T-Bones. This is his favorite resurant, and he loves the chicken tenders!

Taking care of those who take care of others

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I had a young man part of ROTC that came in on memorial day, and had a conversation with me up front. He was asking me to hang a poster for the staff to inform that the Air force is hiring. I had a bar guest come up to me after asking where the man was sitting, she wanted to take care of his lunch. I told her that I really like that she was going to do that, but that he didn’t come in for lunch. The guest explains that she always does, and has a nephew who is in the service. She hopes that someone out there will pay it forward to him. Unfortunately he doesn’t live local. I went back over to her and passed her a gift certifcate for herself, I said “I want to take care of your tab next time you come in, since youre often taking care of others”. The woman gave me the warmest smile, then wrapped me in a hug! This was a specail moment to happen on this memorial day lunch.

outpouring support for local teacher

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There is a substitute teacher from Pinkerton that was diagnosed with Colon Cancer. Some of the students had set up a go fund me page and it received a ton of support, so much that the Eagle Tribune picked up the story. From there channel 9 picked up the story and they were overwhelmed with the amount of community support they had received and greatly appreciated it as his wife needed a major surgery of her own. Some of the young employees recognized him when he and his wife came in to dine and approached me to do something nice for him. He was brought to tears and emotional at the level of care his “kids” had for him. His motto when he started teaching was if he showed them respect they would show it in return and he was certainly correct in that theory as they have continued to offer it and show their love for this man and his family. They left holding hands thanking us tremendously and said they will make sure they pay it forward.

keeping the good vibes going

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We had two tables dining next to each other, an older couple and a younger couple that chit chatted throughout their dining experience. They enjoyed each other’s company, shared stories and kept conversation from drinks to dessert. They happened to be seated at the same time. The older gentlemen flagged their server down, Myranda, and asked to discreetly pay their tab. Myranda loved how they were so friendly to each other and awe inspired to see total strangers befriend each other so effortlessly. So of course, we wanted to keep the good vibes flowing. The older couple dines regularly so we gave them a pay it forward certificate and a gift certificate which they plan to also gift to someone. They said they of course didn’t expect anything in return but will gladly help keep the random acts of kindness alive

for our extended family

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We have a lounge regular that is a family member to one of our hosts. His family was in the other day and shared with one of our cocktail servers that they had just come from the hospital. They had been visiting Bill all day. He recently was moved to Beth Israel to have open heart surgery but it was delayed in the hopes of getting him stronger and better equipped to have a successful surgery. Many family members had joined the family after visiting and wanted to of course dine in their family favorite spot. Derry T-Bones. When they were winding down I went over to offer my condolences and support in hopes of Bill having a full recovery. We offered a gift certificate so they could all join us when Bill was ready and wanting his favorite meals again….or food from his favorite place but with some diet restrictions. They were grateful and we hope to hear soon how this week’s surgery went. I suggested dispersing the RAK cert. at one of the local hopitals or doctor’s offices as we have a lot of clientel from local offices. Either way, they were very pleased to know we were rooting for Bill and keeping him in our thoughts through this diffcult time.

10 Wonderful Years

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Tonight at Tbones Derry, our server and EOY Aidan Murphy had two wonderful guests. He got to know them and come to find out they were dining in with us to celebrate their 10 year anniversary. Aidan and I ended up RAKing the table, and the couple was overjoyed. They exclaimed that Aidan was their favorite server they’ve ever had, not just at Tbones but all around. They also went to say how they cannot wait to return!

RAK inspired RAK

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Tori had a table tonight who was sat next to a family with two kids with disabilities. The gentelman gave $100 dollars towards the families tab, just wanting to be kind. We thought it would be special to repay the RAK right back to him!! He was very surprised, and said he’d continue to spread the random kindness where he could!