Dancing Man

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Last night there was a nice couple sitting in the lounge chatting away, just enjoying each others company. I was cleaning a couple of the tables surrounding them and had seen the gentleman out of the corner of my eye squirming in his chair. I continued to clean the table and grabbed the vacuum to clean the floor of debris, and had once again saw him squirming but this time more clearly. He was using the back of the chair to scratch his back and his wife was picking on him for looking goofy. I couldn’t help myself and chuckled. She looked at me and said ‘This is how he dances too, I can’t take him anywhere.” I laughed with them both, finished cleaning the floor, and went to do my next task. I couldn’t help but smile as I thought about what a sweet couple they were so I decided to RAK them. When I had went back over to explain what it is we do as a company the woman stood up to hug and thank me. They were thrilled to be able to pass along the Kindness to others!

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