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This last Saturday evening, our hostess Angela informed me of a large party that had just sat who were here to celebrate a woman’s 97.5 year birthday!  Angela asked if we could do something special for her.  I asked Angela to make me a $97.50 Gift Certificate to present to her.  When I went over to the table and explained what we were doing the entire party was FLOORED!  The special guest (sorry didn’t get her name) was so appreciative!  They praised us from the start of their visit until the end.  Looking forward to seeing her when she comes back in 6 months 🙂

Happy Anniversary!

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Tom and Martha have become regulars at TB in Salem and CD in Salem as they have recently (within the last 6 months) moved up to Salem from their longtime home in Reading MA. Yesterday was their 46th wedding anniversary and they chose T-BONES for their dinner.  We surprised them with taking care of their meals and I bought them a round of drinks on me!   They were overwhelmed by our generosity and were looking forward to paying it forward to someone!

Nifty Hitting the 50’s!

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At Salem T-BONES we had a wonderful couple dining with us who was celebrating their 54th wedding anniversary. I recognized them as regulars and learned of their milestone while stopping by to say hello. We took care of the couples dinner tab and presented them with a $54 gift card for next time they visit us. They were quite thrilled and excited to Pay it Forward! We also had another couple, Jack and Alice dining with us after hitting 50 years of marraige last Friday. I visited with them for a few minutes and they shared with me that over the 50 years they learned to “compromise and communicate” and that’s what got them to their milestone! We presented them with a $50 gift card and took care of their tab as well! Congratulations to both couples!

First Time!

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Tonight I was told about how great Shaun was in explaining everything there was to know about T-BONES (menu, history, etc.) to a couple of first time guests.  He took the time to review menu items, things that can be modified or substituted.  I went by the table and thanked them for coming out to Salem T-BONES.  The guest stated that they “have driven by many, many times and have never stopped”.  Tonight she asked her daughter “hey how about T-BONES”?   The daughter agreed.  They thoroughly enjoyed the service from Shaun and will be back!  I presented them with a gift certificate to come back again!   Newly made guests/friends!

Sisterly Love

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Had the pleasure of meeting a couple of sisters who dine with us frequently Barbara and Sheila.  One of our servers Sarah mentioned how sweet and nice they are and asked if we could RAK them. Come to find out they’ve been coming to Salem for many years and we gave them each a $25 GC to use on their next visit.  Both were thrilled and Barbara is going to handing out the Pay it Forward tomorrow!

Get Well Soon!

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Met a regular bar guest Joe tonight.  He was in to grab a bowl of chowder for his better half Jackie.  Jackie is in rehab recovering from a spill from riding her horse.  Broken hip, 5 broken vertebrae and 5 cracked ribs.  Took care of the chowder and also gave him a GC to use either to bring her more takeout food (who likes food at rehabs?) or to use when she gets out!

Let’s Go B’s!

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Real easy one today.  Had a young girl eating with her mom today who was wearing a Boston Bruins sweatshirt.  As they were leaving I struck up a conversation with the daughter asking if she was going to watch the game tonight.  She said she was going to be able to watch “a little”.  I asked who her favorite player was.  She said Zdeno Chara.  So I made up a $33 GC (his number) for her to use the next time she dines with us!   The mom and daughter were very happy!

Thank you for your service!

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Tuesday I noticed a veteran hat on the table of a party of three and so I went over to thank them for their service. After a few minutes of talking to this gentleman I knew I had to take care of his bill for the table. His name was Bill and he was telling me how he served for over 20 years in the US army. He served in both the korean and vietnam war! The table was very happy that we were taking care of them and were pleased to be able to Pay It Forward.

Mom’s Day Out (sort of)

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Today we had a party of 5 – 3 moms and 2 kids.  The kids had no school today and were a “crimp” in the plans.  The kids were actually really good during the meals and we decided to take care of the tab.  While the mother’s were enjoying their dessert (frozen mudslides) I explained our Random Act of Kindness, handed off the RAK and they were all very happy to have been chosen.  Hopefully the last snowstorm for New England!

Nurse to the rescue

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We had a medical emergency here today at Salem T-Bones in which a guest had fainted and was unconscious for a while. A guest came and stated that she was a nurse and proceeded to take control of the situation and check the gentleman’s vital signs. She stayed by his side until the first responders arrived on scene and because of these actions she was more than deserving of a Random Act of Kindness.