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This last Saturday evening, our hostess Angela informed me of a large party that had just sat who were here to celebrate a woman’s 97.5 year birthday!  Angela asked if we could do something special for her.  I asked Angela to make me a $97.50 Gift Certificate to present to her.  When I went over to the table and explained what we were doing the entire party was FLOORED!  The special guest (sorry didn’t get her name) was so appreciative!  They praised us from the start of their visit until the end.  Looking forward to seeing her when she comes back in 6 months 🙂

Thank you right back

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One of our regulars (Mike) assited another couple in the parking lot. As this older couple was leaving their vehicle the woman dropped her belongings so naturally he helped. When inside Mike noticed the older gentlemen was sporting a Vietnam vet hat. He thanked him for his service and politely the older gentleman said thank you for noticing. He then, shared his experience of earning two purple hearts. TWO! Mike often comes in and has a drink on his way home and heads out rather quickly. As he was driving away, he stopped and turned around, came back in and told the couple their evening was on him. He wanted them to know how grateful he was for his bravery, selflessness and dedication to our country. The couple was incredibly grateful. Mike had left before I learned of his beautiful act of kindness. So when I saw him the next time I thanked him profusely and gave him dinner on us.


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I had 2 police officers sit at the bar for lunch and I knew right away I wanted to RAK them. I overheard them saying how they hadn’t eaten anything all day; they were starving. What better way to end a busy morning than to be treated for lunch. I explained our RAK program to them and gave them each a gift card to pass along. They were thankful and excited to keep the kindness going.

Dancing Man

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Last night there was a nice couple sitting in the lounge chatting away, just enjoying each others company. I was cleaning a couple of the tables surrounding them and had seen the gentleman out of the corner of my eye squirming in his chair. I continued to clean the table and grabbed the vacuum to clean the floor of debris, and had once again saw him squirming but this time more clearly. He was using the back of the chair to scratch his back and his wife was picking on him for looking goofy. I couldn’t help myself and chuckled. She looked at me and said ‘This is how he dances too, I can’t take him anywhere.” I laughed with them both, finished cleaning the floor, and went to do my next task. I couldn’t help but smile as I thought about what a sweet couple they were so I decided to RAK them. When I had went back over to explain what it is we do as a company the woman stood up to hug and thank me. They were thrilled to be able to pass along the Kindness to others!

short and sweet

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keeping it simple….lovely little couple in the other day that did a random act of kindness for a table that was dining nearby. We caught them at the door to keep paying it forward and thanked them for being part of the kindness movement with a GC of their own.

Brightened Up Someones Day

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Today at Cj’s, We had a regular guest come in that we have not been in a few weeks named Frank. He came in alone and sat at the bar, when typically he would come in with his wife and sit at a table. After finishing his lunch (a cheddar burger an a 160z Goose Island IPA) he asked if Joey could come around the bar so he could ask him a question. Upon Joey going over he got choked up and said that his wife had passed away last Tuesday and it was his fist time out since she passed. He said CJ’s and Bedford T-Bones were two of their favorite places to go together and he was always so happy with our food and staff and also the generosity of other guests. He said their were so many times that his tab got paid for or someone bought a round of drinks so he wanted to pay it forward today and paid for another bar guests tab. Joey then paid it forward to Frank and gave him a $50 GC to come back and see all of us here at Cj’s as he knows how difficult it must be for him to come out alone but that our store is full of so many great memories. He got teary eyed and gave Joey a hug and thanked him. The gentlemen who’s tab got paid for then left $20 for the bar staff to continue to pay forward.  It was a pay it forward kind of day here at Cj’s!!

brightened up a day

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Today Scott was taking care of a woman that was having a hard time. She visits us quite frequently and today seemed different. We weren’t able to quite get what she wanted correctly, she seemed frustrated and confused and sadly we were concerned since it wasn’t her usual self. When the woman stepped away, her daughter spoke up and gently apologized that today was a tough day and let us know we weren’t exactly messing up but she had spent some time at the hospital with a friend and it was a trying day. She eventually enjoyed her meal and pleasantly thanked my server for all his help and patience. He came to me and asked about what to do with the recooks and some food that was taken home. I told him never mind….let’s RAK em. I let him privately share our intentions since the details weren’t openly shared in front of the woman. It was her daughter that spoke up. It appeared like a natural guesture of kindness and they were grateful for our act. Scott has a great way of connecting with our guests and easing a troubling day or enlightening one. I love when he comes to me with his interactions amongst our guests

heck of a day for grandma

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Today we had a family celebrating a birthday. 98 years young and surrounded by warm family of many generations.  Rich came up to share the family that wanted to make sure we sang happy birthday to the right person and not forget was the sweet grandma at his table, we made sure to RAK them. It was a great end to a wonderful family night out

16 Years Remembered

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Last night, we had a very sad couple join us at the bar. When Christie learned why, it tugged at our  heart strings so we wanted to make them smile. They were the proud owners of a beautiful Pug. They were blessed with 16 wonderful years but he sadly passed yesterday and we wanted them to share one more memory. When they were getting ready to leave, I approached them and shared that Christie informed me of their tragic loss. They had only ordered a few appetizers so we took care of those and presented two RAK certificates. I knew they had a lot of memories over the years but asked them to perform a Random Act of Kindness in his honor and make one more. The other GC was of course for them to enjoy.

Supporting of Family

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Heather was waiting on a regular the other day. When she approached, she started with “heyyyy we haven’t seen you in awhile, where have you been hiding?”. His response was sadly that his wife had passed. Shocked and saddened by this news she immediately got me involved and asked if we could do a RAK or anything nice for him to which I agreed happily.  We wanted him to do something nice in his wife’s name so we took care of his meal items and offered him a gift card to come back and share more stories. But also to take some time in his travels during the Christmas Season, surprise someone and RAK them in his wife’s honor. This is something she would have greatly appreciated.