Pay it Forward

BFF Night at Copper Door

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This is Liz and Guylaine BFF’s who love doing their girls night here at the Copper Door!! I was delighted to here they come in one a month to check out whats new and exciting on our menus!!! The were thrilled to pass on our Pay it Forward Gift CARD!! – Nicole Ward

With a Smile and a Hello

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Every day I go to Cumberland Farms on my way to work and grab my coffee for the day. The manager of the store is very friendly and always welcomes me with a smile and a hello. On some days we chit chat while I prepare my coffee or while I am paying for my order. I chose her at random because, even though these moments are small, it is these types of interactions that bring positivity to the world. As it turns out, she is not from NH and had never been to one of our restaurants. She enjoyed her experience and will probably go back again. It was great to have a small gift to give at random to thank a person for the random kindness they bring to my typical days. – Ben McGuire

People Don’t Do This Where We’re From

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Tonight, I chose to RAK three young men from South Carolina who are in the area working for the next month or so. They were so kind, and raved about our restaurant and staff. I gave them a gift certificate to come visit again before they leave town, and explained to them the PIF program…They were in awe. They said that where they are from people just don’t do those kinds of things. – Mike Columbare