Cheers to 6 years!

GNHRCactus Jack's Manchester 1 Comment

My random act this week went to a couple who came in to celebrate their ‘6 years of life together’ at our bar. I thought this was an interesting way to put it – not an anniversary, but years of life! I went over and let them know we were going to take care of their meals as well as hook them up with a gift certificate for the next time they choose to join us again! They were so please & couldn’t believe that their bartender thought to pass the message along about their celebration. In fact, they questioned if I was talking to the correct guests. After a big hug and a ‘Thank You!’ they let me know they would be sure to Pay It Forward and come back & visit us again soon!

Easy as a Sunday morning

GNHRT-BONES Salem 1 Comment

My random act went to a couple sitting at the bar enjoying a relaxing Sunday morning with a couple of our delicious Bloody Marys. It was the kind of lunch where this was the perfect cocktail to consume while spending a couple of hours in each other’s company. Lynn and Grant were very surprised when I told them I was taking care of their food, and were very eager to be able to pass along the Pay It Forward certificate. We made their day today!


GNHRT-BONES Derry 1 Comment

Every Sunday morning, I can set my watch because I know at 11:26 Janet will be walking through the front door. She walks on in, and sits at table 31 without a menu. She is always the first guest on Sunday mornings. For years, she used to come in with her twin sister, but over the past year, she has been coming in by herself. Her sister is now in a nursing home. I chose her as my Random Act and she was thrilled!  She told me how much she loved us here at T-BONES in Derry, and was excited to Pay it Forward.

1st Timers Or So They Thought

GNHRT-BONES Bedford 1 Comment

Tonight it was brought to my attention that we had a couple in the dining room dining for their first time at T-BONES. I thought this was a perfect opportunity to go and say thank you for coming in for dinner and giving us a try. They really enjoyed our turkey dinners and I told them they needed to try one of our homemade desserts so they had our coconut creme pie. They actually live in Michigan so they were told by their son to come give it a go. I was telling them that we have our sister stores CJ’s and Copper Door. They had no idea Copper Door was affiliated with us. They went to dinner there 2 nights prior and absolutely loved their experience. When they come back to town they will be back to both our locations. I ended up buying their check and sent them away with a gift certificate to Pay it Forward to someone before they left the following day.

Love to the Special Education Teachers

GNHRRAK, T-BONES Bedford 2 Comments

Tonight I was asked to help a table pull up their appetizer coupon on their phone. I ended up chatting with these 2 lovely ladies and learned they are 4th grade Special Education teachers!  For those that may not know, my son has some difficulties and receives services with the Special Education department at his school!  These two were a joy to talk with and even gave me a few pointers to help with his exceptionalities.  I couldn’t let these two leave with out a little PIF love!  Tears fell and hugs all around! Love This Promotion!

Proud Bro

GNHRRAK, T-BONES Salem 1 Comment

Earlier this week I had the pleasure of meeting Jack and his sister Kaylee. Jack had just received his first paycheck and brought his sister, who had been driving him to and from work each weekend, out to dinner. I thought this was awesome and he was so proud to be able to do this. As to not steal his thunder by picking up the tab, I gave him a gift card for his next visit so he could bring his parents out to lunch as well. They were both so happy and can’t wait to pay it forward!

Proud Veteran

GNHRRAK, T-BONES Bedford 1 Comment

Had a man come in solo tonight wearing his Air Force cover. He sat in my section so I got to spend some time talking to him and getting to know him. He told me about his tours during the Korean War and serving in the Air Force all over the world. He explained to me that it was his greatest honor to serve our country and he would do it all again if given the chance. When I bought his meal, he explained that he didn’t serve to get special treatment, and I explained it was his honor to serve our country, and my honor to buy his dinner. He thanked me again and again. I gave him a Pay It Forward and he couldn’t believe that not only did we buy his dinner, but someone else’s dinner down the road. I was very grateful and he was a cool guy to talk to.


GNHRT-BONES Salem 1 Comment

I had a pair of ladies visit us the other day for the first time ever, even though one of them lives in Methuen! They decided to join us as a post surgery meal to catch up. Both ordered our signature T-Bone Steak, and were very impressed by the portions. I stopped by the table to pass along a gift certificate to use on their next visit and the Pay it Forward certificate. Our local lady said her boyfriend was going to be jealous that she came here without him, but now that she had a gift certificate, she will bring him in very soon!

Happy Anniversary

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One of my servers informed me of a couple celebrating their 41st wedding anniversary so we decided to make it an even more special night for them by picking up their check and giving them a pay it forward to do a random act for somebody else.

T-BONES Newbie

GNHRT-BONES Derry Leave a Comment

Today in Derry, I had a party of four ladies walk in around noon. I heard one of the ladies say “what a lovely place.” I inquired, and found out that not only had she never been to T-BONES in Derry, she had never been to a T-BONES at all. WHAT!?!?! Needless to say it instantly became the perfect RAK table. Her name was Cathy, and she was totally impressed with being chosen. I have no doubt that she will return to T-BONES, and no doubt that she will Pay it Forward.