10 Wonderful Years

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Tonight at Tbones Derry, our server and EOY Aidan Murphy had two wonderful guests. He got to know them and come to find out they were dining in with us to celebrate their 10 year anniversary. Aidan and I ended up RAKing the table, and the couple was overjoyed. They exclaimed that Aidan was their favorite server they’ve ever had, not just at Tbones but all around. They also went to say how they cannot wait to return!

RAK inspired RAK

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Tori had a table tonight who was sat next to a family with two kids with disabilities. The gentelman gave $100 dollars towards the families tab, just wanting to be kind. We thought it would be special to repay the RAK right back to him!! He was very surprised, and said he’d continue to spread the random kindness where he could!

Mary on the Mend

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In Derry we have a well loved lounge regular. She is lively and fun, Often coming in with her girlfriends. She is a great souce of laughter with the staff. She had some serious medical problems and has not been in for months. Today she returned, and is doing well. I went over, chatted with her, and expressed how happy I am to see her back out to lunch with friends. I took care of her tab, and she’s looking forward to passing on the Rak certificate.

Trip down memory land

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Today we had a couple visiting the area. Derry TBones was her Dad’s favorite place to dine. He had passed away and a bench was named in his honor for being a veteran. When they visit the area they like to drive by their old house for a trip down memory lane and their trip ended at Tbones. They had told their server they were visiting Hampstead so knowing that’s my hometown she told me about their day. We chatted about the changes to town and how different it is but yet the same and found out she grew up a mile up the road from me! When I shared why else I was stopping by to chat they were of course pleasantly surprised but also excited as they love the idea of RAKs and paying it forward. They were on their way to the nursing home for a visit to her Aunt and look forward to making someone else’s day before returning to their home in Connecticut. Perfect way to end their trip back home.

welcome to the neighborhood

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In the interest of gaining some new regulars. I wanted to extend a gift card to a family that had just moved into town. Moved from only a state away they are however from Colombia and Lebanon and wonderful people. I shared a little bit of infomation about our company’s care and concern for not only their employees, but also the community and they were very much in awe. I let them know they can also visit Copper Door and try them next time if they would like in the hopes of gaining some new excited regulars looking for a great place to be their “go to” drop in.