ladies night

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Tonight two elderly woman were dining and neither were super happy about their meals but felt like its just not something to complain about. One sent back food because it was sooooo spicy but they said they enjoyed their meals as they were fine meals to begin with and couldn’t complain for something so insignificant. Good food is a treat and they enjoy our meals so much they couldn’t possibly find it in them to be unhappy and complain. I found out one of the woman was undergoing radical treatment for cancer and recently widowed and her genuine positivity was overwhelming. I couldn’t see them paying for their meals they didn’t “complain” about but weren’t super happy and wanted them to join us again and enjoy something more so I took care of their bill and gave them a GC to come out together soon to join us for dinner. I hope to see them back and wow them with something next time

Happy 36th Anniversary

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Tonight we met a couple Kim and Keith. They came out to dinner to celebrate their 36 wedding anniversary. We took care of their tab, and wished them congratulations. They had nothing but great things to say about the food, and explained that the staff is the main reason they come to T-bones. I was wonderful to meet such a sweet couple. They were over joyed with the RAK and I’m sure they will pass it on.

Brought to tears.

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Last week, Lisa had a mother and son arrive and realize she left her debit card at home. She promised she would call and pay for the food over the phone, but Lisa asked if we could present her with a RAK. I went over and told her that her tab was on the house. I explained to her about the $25 certificate to pay it forward. She started crying and told me that she had been having a really bad day and was so moved that we could do something like that for her!


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We have this family that comes to Derry T-bones a few times a week. They have grown to become friends with our staff and they take care of us! A lot of us use him as our mechanic.. great work and a great price!  Everyone is always happy to see them! Tonight, one of our bartenders was here celebrating her daughters 14th birthday at the same time this family was dining. They approached me to pick up their tab. I was blown away at their kindness so in turn I picked up their tab and gave them the $25 certificate to pay it forward. They were thrilled because they do random acts of kindness in their everyday lives and it has now came back to them. Their sons came with us to sing happy birthday, and the kiddos even exchanged numbers. Young love starting at T-bones tonight 🙂

Wedding Bells at Derry TBones

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Jackie came to me with the pefect RAK. She commented on a woman’s hair. It was all done up beautifully, learning that she had been married that same day and they came to Derry TBones to have dinner together! What a compliment for us 🙂 It goes without saying that we had to give them a wedding gift picking up their tab and letting them spread their joy with a a pay it forward RAK!

Youth of America

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I recognized a young group of kids that are freshman at Pinkerton Academy and always impressed me with their kindness, positive energy and general good nature that is often lacking in teenagers.  They had half day at school today and came to TBones for lunch. Some sharing their food with other kids that didn’t come with money. I went over to chat with them and asked them if they felt like doing something nice for someone random of their choosing. They immediately jumped up and asked what i wanted them to do!! – They didn’t know yet i paid for all but $3 of their bill. Together they walked around the restaurant and approached a group of older women and made their day 🙂 These are the kind of kids that restore your belief in todays youth.

Allergy awesome

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We had a couple dine the other day that rarely dines out but wanted at the protest of her husband join us for dinner. She has several allergies and doesn’t risk the chance for human error to potentially harm her. Jenny took all necessary precautions and made lots of great suggestions and modifications and wow’d them with our ability to be so accommodating. We bought their dinner to offer them the chance to come back and make us a regular occasion to get out and enjoy each other’s company and let us take care of them more often. They were delighted and promise to join us again