New customers

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The other night I had a family of 5 come in from Maine. They had told a server that they would like to speak to a manager and I immediately thought something was wrong. When I got to the table they told me how happy they were to be here. They said everything was perfect from the service to the atmosphere. They let me know they were visiting from Maine and it was the first time they had ever been to a T-bones. I offered them all dessert for there visit and they couldn’t have been happier. When they were leaving they let me know that they  would be back soon.

Free Desserts

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Tonight I had a couple of my high school classmates come in with their families.  Rob Kime has a daughter who he teases just like I do at home.  To have some fun I bought the (3) desserts that the kids were having and gave the PIF to his oldest daughter.  She was thrilled and the parents loved the idea of what we are doing.

Long Lost Friends

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Had a gentleman come in tonight and he was from NH but his friend is from Missouri and it was his first time in our restaurant. Decided to take off their appetizer and gave them the Pay It Forward $25 gift certificate. Upon talking to the gentlemen more, it was revealed to me that they were high school buddies who hadn’t seen each other in twenty years. Got to talking to the guys and told them about how was born in Missouri, not far from where they were from. The both greatly appreciated what we had done for them and looked forward to giving the Pay it Forward to someone else. I teased the guy from Missouri a bit as he had on a Buffalo Bills sweatshirt. All in all a very pleasant table to visit and hook up.