Made Me Laugh!

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Kristy’s guest needed their paybacks card looked up, she asked them to please spell their last name!  Kristy go back to the computer couldn’t understand why it wasn’t coming up!  They Spelled out M Y L A S T N A M E!  Love it!

New Parents

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Last Saturday night in Derry, I had a couple in with their new born.Andrew and Bethany came out with their newest addition to the family. The new baby was 5 months old. Grandma and Grandpa were watching they other child, allowing Mom and Dad a date night. I picked up their tab, and they were thrilled. I know that they will pay it forward.

Burger Ladies

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Every Sunday there are two ladies that come in for burgers.  They get them in a specific way every time.  The ladies looked like they were in need of some cheer tonight so I bought them dinner. They were very thankful.

completely random

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Today I approached an entirely random table. A kind elderly woman was in dining alone and I sat and spoke with her a few minutes letting her know about our program and how she can pay it forward. She told me she has been coming here for years because she and her family are seafood lovers and we have the freshest seafood of anywhere she’s ever been!  A valued guest definitely appreciated and will continue to remain a loyal customer.

Feet Up

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I saw a couple laughing and enjoying their drinks. This was the perfect RAK. I told them I saw them enjoying themselves and looking comfortable so I wanted to give them a GC for next time. He immediately pulled his feet down from the booth when I said “comfortable” and said “oh should I not have me feet up here” and we all laughed! They were so appreciative and fun!

Three Generations

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Had a table come in today with three ladies on a girls day out. While talking to the server and the table, I found out there were three generations that had met up for lunch; grandma, mom, and daughter. I visited for a little bit and found out they are from the Plymouth area. Further conversation revealed that the mother was actually an employee’s high school Biology teacher. I decided to give them a Gift Certificate as my Random Act of Kindness, not just because they were very pleasant to talk to, but also because she had to put up with our employee in high school! I gave them a Pay it Forward and they were excited to hook someone else up.

Gone But Not Forgotten!

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On Saturday night Jack was in for dinner – like he often was on Saturday nights with his wife.  However this time he was alone.  His wife Kathleen had passed away a couple of weeks ago and this was the first time he had come out to T-BONES to have his “greens” (Broccoli and Asparagus).  I visited with him for a few and took care of his meal!  Kathleen and Jack will always be part of the T-BONES family.  Jack was overcome with emotions and promised to come in every week – just to keep up with his “greens”. We will miss her greatly.

Canada Eh?

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I searched for a random party today to RAK. The couple I chose was all the way from Canada!  The woman told me about how much she loves coming to T-BONES and makes sure she and her husband come in everyday when they are visiting.

Rak For T-BONES Bar Guests

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We had a couple up at the bar tonight enjoying a kid free weekend.  They were planning on enjoying time together without their kids by having dinner at T-BONES and then heading over to Funspot to play all the old arcade games.  We hooked them up with a couple of Gift Certificates to Funspot to make their weekend away even better!

There Are Still Gentlemen in the World!

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Today Gloria and Tracy, our hostesses, pointed out a young man that was having lunch with his grandmother and aunt.  They where bickering about who was going to pay.  He wanted to treat!  His car is in the shop and he is still in school so the ladies wanted to treat.  In the end he won! I had other plans, I returned his cash, took care of his tab and explained the PIF GC.