We were robbed!!

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I waited on the nicest couple tonight at Bedford Copper Door.  We got to talking and they told me their house had been robbed a few months back.  Along with jewelry and other valuables that were stolen, money that they had set aside for a special, celebratory dinner was also taken.  Friends from her work had pooled money to get them a gift card to make up for the loss. They took a ton of pictures to show her friends at work the amazing dinner they had.  At the end of their meal, I told them their dinner was on us and to save their gift card to come in again.  They were so appreciative.  By the end, I was crying and so were they.  My manager, Nikki, spoke with them and was also touched by their appreciation.  She gave them a gift certificate to come back and see us again.  I love that our company allows us to do this amazing good thing for our guests.

Grieving Mother <3

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On Wednesday evening, a solo women named Eileene  came in and sat in the lounge.  She was working on some homework, and began to tell Tina that she was doing some book work for her Grieving Mothers class she is taking.  She informed us that her daughter was killed in a hit and run accident 5 years ago, she was only 15 years old.  As most of you know, my son passed away at the age of 1.5 on January 5 2013.  I immediately felt the need to go over and talk with this women.  I introduced myself and told her a little bit about myself and told her that we shared something in common, that we both had lost a child.  I told Eileene that I wanted to do a random act of kindness for her.  Eileene was so grateful for this because she actually hands out random act of kindness cards for her daughter, Sophia.  We hugged and shed a few tears together, we decided that  we were both in the same building at the same time for a reason. <3<3<3 This one really hit home for me, and I was SO happy I got to do this one!!!! <3 Nikki C