57th Anniversary

GNHRT-BONES Hudson 1 Comment

So tonight Alexa told me her table was celebrating their 57th wedding anniversary. I went over and asked how their day was going and they said wonderful they were celebrating.  She told me she would not trade him for the world with the biggest smile on her face. I told them both that I was going to take care of their dinner tonight. The woman grabbed my hand with big tears in her eyes and thanked me. The husband told me they would be back again next year for their anniversary.

Familiar Faces!

GNHRT-BONES Bedford 2 Comments

I have recently started training for Assistant Management, and today I was able to do my first Random Act of Kindness! When walking through the dining room I recognized some familiar faces (regulars that have dined with us for YEARS). I remembered waiting on them on one of my very first serving shifts here at T-Bones Bedford, and they were so kind to me that I just knew I had to do something for them!  I was happy to sit down with them for a few minutes to catch up, and gave them a $25 gift certificate for their next visit. They were more than thankful, and mentioned that they remembered me from when I was a server on the floor over 5 years ago!

Solo on Her Birthday

GNHRRAK, T-BONES Bedford 2 Comments

Had a woman come in by herself today for her birthday. I went over to talk to her and visit for a little while when I found out it was a tradition of herself and her son to go to T-Bones for her birthday every year. This year is the first time he was not with her as he is serving in our armed forces as a Marine. I sat with her for a while and listened to her speak of him and how proud she is for him to be serving our country. I held her hand as she cried mixed tears of joy and sadness. I then gave her a Gift Card and told her the next time he is on leave or home for good to bring him in and let us take care of the bill. I also gave her a Pay It Forward so she could make others smile as well. I gave her a hug and told her to please tell her son hello from T-Bones and that we will see him soon.

Sad news

GNHRRAK 1 Comment

Danielle’s table received some sad news today. He found out he has cancer and is having surgery soon. The wife was so emotional when I presented her with the RAK certificate and a gift certificate for themselves. Hopefully some good karma comes back to them!

It’s a girl!

GNHRCopper Door, RAK 1 Comment

A couple came in tonight with the exciting news that they are having a baby girl tomorrow. They came in for a last date night out before the baby comes so we took care of their tab, gave them a gift card to come back for their next date night, and left them with smiles on their faces, bigger than when they had arrived. They were more than happy with the service they were given and we will be looking forward to seeing them in the future!

Brand new baby boy

GNHRRAK 1 Comment

Myranda had a family dining tonight with their two week old son, Aiden. He was so cute and tiny! All of us girls were in love!! To congratulate them, we bought their appetizers and desserts. They were so grateful and excited to pass along the RAK dining certificate.

She said YES!

GNHRCopper Door 1 Comment

A couple came into Copper Door for the first time today in honor of their special day. We took care of their lunch. They were all smiles and very thankful. Hopefully they will come back  after the big day and enjoy another experience with us.


GNHRRAK 1 Comment

We had the SWEETEST elderly couple dining with us tonight, celebrating their 39th anniversary! They were so kind and so incredibly grateful when we decided to use them for our Random Act of Kindness. We took care of their dinner and gave them a gc to come back again. The elderly woman started to cry and they both gave me a hug! I love working for a company that allows us to do such nice things!!!

Broken ribs and Broken Heart <3

GNHRCopper Door, RAK 1 Comment

So tonight A regular of ours Lachlan came in for a quick bite to eat and immediately Patrick noticed two things.  One that he was by himself (he usually always has his girlfriend with him) and two he seemed down.  After chatting for a bit we learned that his girlfriend had taken a really bad fall at home and was in the hospital with a few broken ribs and fractured bones.  He had just left the hospital and was really shaken up.  So what better way to make someone smile than performing a random act of kindness!!!!!!!  We bought Lachlans dinner and I gave him a GC to come back with his girlfriend when she is feeling better!!!!!!!!!

A New Regular

GNHRCopper Door 1 Comment

As I walked through the lounge tonight I noticed a man sitting at the Bar. A face that i’ve scene quite a bit lately. I asked one the bartenders, if he knew his name. Tyler told me that his name is Joe. Come to find out  Joe has been here so often lately because his mother is in the Assisted living Facility near us. He’s been staying with her a couple times a week, and he confided in Tyler the she is now in the beginning stages of Hospice (so sad).  I decided to buy him dinner. He was very thankful, and asked why? As I explained how our RAK program works, and he started to get a little teary 🙁 Poor guy is definetly going through a lot! At least we could put a small smile on his face this evening! He didn’t say much, but sometimes even a small smile means a thousand words!