Happy Couple

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Today we had a visit from guests who were celebrating their recent engagement with a large party. They chose to come to Bedford T-BONES because this was the place they met for their very first date! I saw this as the perfect opportunity to pay it forward with a RAK! I gave the happy couple a gift certificate to come back to join us for their next milestone: their first meal as a married couple! They were so thankful and appreciative and told me that this was the reason that T-BONES is their favorite restaurant! Even better, they mentioned that they volunteer regularly at Veteran’s events and the RAK certificate is going to be used to help out a veteran. Gotta love how GNHR is always paying it forward and spreading the love!

Dancing While You Eat

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Tonight I was walking around the dining room and I saw this little boy behaving so well at his table and every time I walked by he was waving and saying hi. Once they got their food he started dancing to every bite of mac and cheese that he had. He was making me as well as others smile and laugh and I knew that I needed to RAK them. I picked up their whole tab and gave them a 25 gift card to pass to someone who would also spread some cheer. They said they knew exactly who they would give it to.

Turning a frown upside down!

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Today we had a visit from a lovely woman who had unfortunately lost her husband recently. She was here with her son and his wife, and this was the first time she had been out to eat since last year due to her husband falling ill. When my hostess Samantha informed me of this I just knew we had to RAK them. They were so appreciative, and we all couldn’t help but feel for this sweet woman who was now smiling, despite her recent loss. It’s so nice to be able to make people smile even if they’re going through a tough time, just by acknowledging their situation and showing we care.

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I took care of a woman name Julie late last night who came in exhausted and extremely hungry. She proceeded to tell me that she just left Boston hospital after being there all day long. Her daughter was in for a bad Chrones issue and she has not eaten all day. She just moved down the street into Bedford here and she waned to try us out. I knew she was a perfect person to RAK for so many reasons. Julie was thrilled when I bought her dinner and I gave her a 25.00 gift card to come back and see us. I also gave her the Pay It Forward gift card and she was floored on this program we had. She absolutely will be coming back to visit us in the near future.


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While helping at the host stand tonight I took a party of 2 for Marcy, we got to chatting because I have a sister Marci (who happens to works at CJ’s).  Marcy had made a comment about not meeting many other Marci’s.  As the conversation progressed I learned that she has a sister named Rhianna.  How crazy is it that?!?  It was to crazy not to RAK this party and they are overjoyed to Pay It Forward.  Small world after all! -Rheanna

Save a Life

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Had a scary situation at the restaurant today. A man began to choke on his bread and was in a panic. Had another guest immediately spring into action and assist the man with the Heimlich Maneuver and dislodged the bread. The staff handled the entire situation great and came to get me immediately. I came around the corner just as the one man was saving the other! After all of the excitement, I was able to speak with both tables, and found out the rescuer was actually a retired NYC Fire Fighter who was more than happy to assist when he is needed. I bought lunch for him and his wife. The man who had been choking also thanked the man over and over. I also gave a Pay It Forward to the rescuer who was very thankful for all we had done for him and his wife. He said he was just reacting to a situation he knew all too well and had been trained to handle.

Stockings for Seniors!

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Happy Surprise…. While doing a table visit I met a nice couple, Jay and Jill.  When I returned with the PIF certificate I was happy to learn that they were more deserving.  Jay & Jill deliver “stocking for senior” every year to those who wouldn’t normally get anything for the Holiday.  I was so moved by their generosity that I gave them additional 10 PIF certificates.  Thank you Jay and Jill for your big hearts.  Happy Holidays to all!

Thanks for Giving

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On Thanksgiving Eve we had some regulars Dennis and Pricilla at the bar and I overheard them telling another guest that she cooked 2 turkeys and 20 pounds of mashed potatoes and vegetables to donate. She delivered 1 turkey and the sides to the Bedford liberty house and also the other turkey off at a homeless shelter. I proceeded to talk to her about what an amazing thing she was doing by feeding the veterans and homeless. I knew I needed to do something for them. We bought their dinners and gave them a gift certificate for their next visit and also the RAK 25.00 to give to someone.  When they received all of this they both cried and was extremely thankful. Since then I have talked to them and found out that they donated the gift certificate to a volunteer at the shelter. Its people like this that make the world a better place.

Beat Two Cancers at Once

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Had a woman and her nurse come in for lunch today with amazing news. They shared with their server, Zach, that they had just come from the hospital where she was told she had beaten both her lung cancer and brain tumors. They were celebrating with Cosmos and Martinis. I sat and talked with them for a little while and listened to her amazing triumph story. She explained that she stayed optimistic through the whole process which is why she believes she beat the cancers. She said her optimism and being positive is what kept her going and ultimately beat the cancer that was supposed to kill her. She had overcome stage four lung cancer. I bought their lunches and they were tickled that our company allows us to do things like this. They were very grateful. Gave them a Pay It Forward and a hug.

Visiting With Grandma

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Had a table with two ladies at it tonight. Turned out to be a Grandmother and her Grand Daughter. Grandma is up visiting for the first time ever from Puerto Rico. The Grand Daughter decided to take her out to lunch and they picked T-Bones. It was the first visit for both of them. I was able to sit and visit for a little while and talk about life after the storm and how it’s going in terms of rebuilding. As the two of them started arguing about who was paying for lunch, I snuck in and told them we had already picked up the check. They were both very excited and very thankful. Gave them a Pay It Forward as well to give to someone else.