Date night

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One of my servers, Lindsey, came to me to let me know that she had a table on date night. They have 4 kids at home, and whenever possible, they get a babysitter and come to T-Bones. I introduced myself to Shelly and Jesse, and explained the Random Act of kindness. they were thrilled. Shelly was very excited to Pay it forward.

Server RAKs on her own

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Tonight I received a phone call in regards to a guests’ experience in Derry. She explained she had a very long day and was stuck in horrible traffic on 93 so came in to eat to escape the traffic, relax and kind of decompress from the day. She was with her daughter and just needed to come in for some food and wrap up her day with a drink before going home. She continued to stress how she needed to just have a nice meal. I started to feel like she was about to tell me of a horrible experience when she just needed to have an enjoyable time for whatever reason. I could hear the shakiness in her voice. What followed made me incredibly proud of my server. Tara took wonderful care of this mother and daughter. Made them feel well “taken care of”. She was kind and friendly and made their experience worth the stop. See, What had happened that day was enough to exhaust and deplete anyone. They spent the day at CMC. Her husband had Bi-Pass Surgery that day and although it went well it was a terrifying day. They experienced exactly what they needed. When Tara came over with the check she delivered a chocolate cake and said after  a long hard day you deserve to have a piece of chocolate cake. Maybe that will make you feel a little better once you’ve made it home. Tara could sense her sadness and just made one very simple gesture to try to make her smile. It was so heartwarming and to think Tara didn’t know anything about this woman’s day but was moved to do something kind. The woman did all she could to not be moved to tears inside the restaurant and waited to get home to call me and thank me for Tara’s Random Act of Kindness.  After she shared her story and wanted to make sure I knew how special Tara’s experience was with this woman I asked her for her address and am sending her a Gift Certificate so she and her husband can come out to eat and dine in once he’s recovered and home. They of course will ask for Tara. This isn’t my typical RAK story done on my own but certainly worth leaving here as it embodies everything our RAKs  stand for. I will be reading the story at premeal and give her a gift certificate in front of her peers so she can know how special she is and what she did for this woman and her daughter on a most difficult day. I’ll share it on Staff Matters once I’ve made a big deal about it “in house” 🙂

Unexpected Friends

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I had the pleasure of meeting a woman who has befriended a young man that lives next door. He is Autistic/Asperger’s Syndrome and is high functioning so he helps her out around the house, does her landscaping, odd jobs etc.. She helps him with social interactions, someone to talk to and brings him out to lunch. He only comes here!!! Although he struggles with social skills, he is confident ordering a chicken pot pie and dining in at our Derry location. He is a triplet and at 20 years old he is watching his sisters go off to college and it difficult for him since he doesn’t get to do the things we take for granted. This woman is his friend and our store is his place. After he left I sat and joined the woman for a little bit while she told me their story. I presented her with a gift card so they could come out for lunch again and gave her the RAK certificate to pay it forward and together find someone they could give it to. She wanted to let him give it to his parents and proudly say it was because he did such a good job today saying “thank you”. We went one step further and I issued another Gift Card so he could give his parents the opportunity to go out to dinner themselves.  She was thrilled and of course I made her cry. It was a very emotional conversation and was at the beginning of the shift. It definitely changed the course of the day for me as I’ve been having my own personal world a little upside down lately so this was a huge reminder that there are better things to focus on and be grateful for.

Excitement at the Host Stand!

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I had a guest call in late night for takeout. He comes in often and usually gets the same item with extra pickles. I found out that he had asked his girlfriend to marry him! She said yes that day! We took care of their meals and passed on a RAK certificate to keep the happiness going. The guest looked at me shocked, and said ” Wow, This has been an awesome day!”. Everyone involved was excited and passed on their congratulations to the happy couple.

Birthday Dinner

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Yesterday a young woman came in anxiously awaiting the arrival of her sons. They joined her, ordered drinks and an appetizer, and left almost as quickly as they came in. She was left with an order she had placed, asked for it to go and was visibly upset although clearly working hard at not showing it. I went over, asked her about her day and she explained it was supposed to be her birthday lunch with her sons. I wanted to make her birthday day a little happier. I bought her take out and gave her a gift card to come back with her family for a nice meal. It definitely made her feel a little better about spending the time alone. We wished her well to enjoy the holidays and asked her to pass it along with a RAK certificate. Not the birthday dinner planned but at least we made it a little more special!