Grieving Mother <3

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On Wednesday evening, a solo women named Eileene  came in and sat in the lounge.  She was working on some homework, and began to tell Tina that she was doing some book work for her Grieving Mothers class she is taking.  She informed us that her daughter was killed in a hit and run accident 5 years ago, she was only 15 years old.  As most of you know, my son passed away at the age of 1.5 on January 5 2013.  I immediately felt the need to go over and talk with this women.  I introduced myself and told her a little bit about myself and told her that we shared something in common, that we both had lost a child.  I told Eileene that I wanted to do a random act of kindness for her.  Eileene was so grateful for this because she actually hands out random act of kindness cards for her daughter, Sophia.  We hugged and shed a few tears together, we decided that  we were both in the same building at the same time for a reason. <3<3<3 This one really hit home for me, and I was SO happy I got to do this one!!!! <3 Nikki C    

Cancer Free Celebration!

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It was my pleasure to give my RAK tonight to a very nice couple that came in tonight to celebrate being Cancer free! Christine found out a few days ago that her lymphoma is now in complete remission!! If that’s not a reason to celebrate, I don’t know what is!! Her husband Kevin called yesterday to make a reservation, and asked if we could bring her a celebratory dessert but we decided to do one better for them! We bought their dinner and sent them home with a Gift Certificate to come visit us again, and one pass on to someone in need of a brighter day! They were blown away!! We shared stories and a few tears as well. This may have been my favorite RAK so far! Thank you GNHR for everything you did for me while I was sick a few years ago, and for making Christine’s day so darn great!! I love this Job!!

52 Years and Counting!

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A lovely couple came in tonight as it was their 52nd anniversary. They were so kind and had mentioned the recent passing of his mother, saying it was so nice to get out and enjoy a nice night together. They left with huge smiles on their faces and gave hugs as they were leaving, as well as raving about how great of an experience they had here at Copper Door. It is a pleasure to be able to give back to those that are so deserving.

It’s a girl!

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A couple came in tonight with the exciting news that they are having a baby girl tomorrow. They came in for a last date night out before the baby comes so we took care of their tab, gave them a gift card to come back for their next date night, and left them with smiles on their faces, bigger than when they had arrived. They were more than happy with the service they were given and we will be looking forward to seeing them in the future!

She said YES!

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A couple came into Copper Door for the first time today in honor of their special day. We took care of their lunch. They were all smiles and very thankful. Hopefully they will come back  after the big day and enjoy another experience with us.

Broken ribs and Broken Heart <3

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So tonight A regular of ours Lachlan came in for a quick bite to eat and immediately Patrick noticed two things.  One that he was by himself (he usually always has his girlfriend with him) and two he seemed down.  After chatting for a bit we learned that his girlfriend had taken a really bad fall at home and was in the hospital with a few broken ribs and fractured bones.  He had just left the hospital and was really shaken up.  So what better way to make someone smile than performing a random act of kindness!!!!!!!  We bought Lachlans dinner and I gave him a GC to come back with his girlfriend when she is feeling better!!!!!!!!!

A New Regular

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As I walked through the lounge tonight I noticed a man sitting at the Bar. A face that i’ve scene quite a bit lately. I asked one the bartenders, if he knew his name. Tyler told me that his name is Joe. Come to find out  Joe has been here so often lately because his mother is in the Assisted living Facility near us. He’s been staying with her a couple times a week, and he confided in Tyler the she is now in the beginning stages of Hospice (so sad).  I decided to buy him dinner. He was very thankful, and asked why? As I explained how our RAK program works, and he started to get a little teary 🙁 Poor guy is definetly going through a lot! At least we could put a small smile on his face this evening! He didn’t say much, but sometimes even a small smile means a thousand words!    

We Love 1st Timers!!!

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One of our servers (Jordan) came to me and suggested one of his tables as a Rak tonight! He said “you have to come meet table 13, they are probably the sweetest people i’ve EVER waited on” as I talked to him about the table I found out that they have 6 children between them, and don’t get a date night very often! Tonight was their first time at Copper Door and they were having a great time! When I got to the table I knew immediately what he was talking about!! Nancy and John Rank could not be any nicer!! They were thrilled with Jordan’s service and loved the wine list!! They said their food was outstanding! Nancy said what they loved the most is that they never felt rushed! She said they asked Jordan a Lot of questions about the menu, and cocktails, and he answered everyone honestly! Nancy really loved the wine menu! So we wrapped up 2 of our wine glasses, and gave them a GC to come have a glass on us next time!! They were floored!! John insisted on buying both Jordan and I a drink lol!! I said Jordan could have mine! I think we may have new regulars!! I love making people smile!! Oh PS.. I gave Jordan a merit for the good pick, and the high praise!!


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Wess and Christy tied the knot tonight!! They chose Copper Door to celebrate this big life event!! I bought their dinners, and gave them a gift card to come back here on their 1 year anniversary!!!! Such a great feeling knowing you made someone’s day even better than it already was! Cheers Wess and Christy to a happy and healthy life!

All Dogs Go To Heaven

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Tonight’s RAK went to a couple dining at the bar who unfortunately shared some sad news with us…there 12 year old pup, Moose, was laid to rest today. Although taking care of their dinner can’t bring back their dog, it sure did put a smile on their faces and they were very appreciative. #RIPMoose