Rak For T-BONES Bar Guests

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We had a couple up at the bar tonight enjoying a kid free weekend.  They were planning on enjoying time together without their kids by having dinner at T-BONES and then heading over to Funspot to play all the old arcade games.  We hooked them up with a couple of Gift Certificates to Funspot to make their weekend away even better!

Laconia RAK

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A couple of regulars Joanne and David Tessier were in for dinner at T-Bones Thursday night. After socializing for a bit with one of our bartenders Jocelyn they told her how their entire condo was flooded because of faulty plumbing in the condo above. They had been staying with various friends but it was clear they missed having their own home and personal space. I decided to give them a one night stay in a king suite at the Marriott Townplace Suites. I told them to pretend they were on vacation and try to have a good time. They were completely caught off guard and were beyond thankful.

70 Years Strong!

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Today we had a lovely couple who were dropped off to have lunch together. They were celebrating birthdays that are a week apart. They both turned 88 this year and have been married for 70 years. They sat me down and explained to me how they’ve lived a wonderful life and as hard as life can be, its worth it. They were amazing to talk to with such good spirits! They were so appreciative of the free meal and couldn’t wait to pay it foreword to the family that they lived next to who were not as fortunate as they have been in life. Its moments like this were I have a strong appreciation for the company I work for and what you give back!

Stumble In, Wheel Out

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Today we had a very nice guest, Helen, who struggled mightily entering the building.  Helen usually has a wheelchair when visiting, but it was left in a relative’s car and unavailable today.  She did not want that to keep her from her T-Bones lunch!  The long walk to her table proved a bit more challenging than expected, and Helen had a little spill (don’t worry, she literally fell into me and was okay!) While she was dining, I decided it may be a good idea to acquire a wheelchair for Helen’s departure, called around to locate one, and headed out.  She was very appreciative when I returned with her new ride, and relieved that her trip out would be much less eventful than her trip in!  I offered Helen to keep the wheelchair, but she refused.  I’ve been thinking it may be beneficial for us to have one on hand anyway, so I was able to get it and help out a great guest!

RAK Love

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Tonight I bought dinner for a couple who got to come out on a valentines dinner date for the first time in 7 years since all of their kids have moved out and their work schedules meshed! They were a joy to speak with and were so excited to just be out together.