She Needed a Smile

GNHRT-BONES Bedford 1 Comment

Last week I RAK’d a young lady who looked like she needed a smile!  I bought her and her dad dinner and explained PIF to her and asked her to help me make someone else day.  That did the trick!  BIG SMILE!

Wicked Allergies

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This morning a woman called in a takeout, and was really upset that another restaurant just tried to tell her that her allergies aren’t that serious, and she shouldn’t worry about it when they pack up her meals. This seemed really odd for someone to say to a guest, but like we always do we went over each ingredient, and our methods for cooking them allergy free. She was so happy that we took the time so I couldn’t help but buy her dinner as a Random Act as Kindness. She was so happy that she started clapping, and she can’t wait to pay it forward.

Scouts Honor

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Tonight a family came in and their sons were wearing their Boy Scout uniforms. They seemed a little self-conscious about it for some reason, so we started talking with them and told them how my brother and I used to go out to dinner with our scout uniforms on too. They were telling me all about their recent camping trip and how excited they were to be back home. I bought them dinner that night and told them how I know that camp food can sometimes not be the best food. They were very happy and can’t wait to pay forward.

Early Retirement

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This afternoon at table 64 a woman and her friends came in to celebrate her retirement. She seems kind of young so I asked what she was retiring from and she explained how she was a teacher for 25 years at a local elementary school, and was going to stay home and help raise her grandchildren from this point on. I bought her dinner and her friends dessert. They’re all very grateful and are excited to pay it forward down the line.

No Wallet, No Problem!

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Tonight a gentleman came in for his takeout, and after waiting for a few minutes it came up. When it came time to pay, he realized he had forgotten his wallet. I told him it was no big deal, and he just worked a long day so the dinner was on us. He was visibly surprised. I explained what we have been doing and he is excited to pay the good deed forward.

Special Orders Don’t Upset Us.

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There was a young girl named Jenna dining with her family,who has Celiac’s disease. Due to dietary concerns, she and her mother decided not to order anything from the GIF menu, which meant that she wouldn’t be having anything for dinner. When I found out that she wasn’t eating anything, I explained to her mother that there were many options, went over a few that they hadn’t thought about including calling us ahead of time so we could have something prepared and ready, and explained that we took allergies very seriously. (Turns out Mom had brought a homemade quesadilla from home, but was a little uncomfortable asking us to heat it up for Jenna. Not a problem I assured her, so we took the quesadilla and prepared it just right.) After dinner, I came back to the table with a certificate for Jenna to come back and enjoy a meal with her family that she could order off the menu. She was so thrilled that we would do that for her, as was Mom. And when I explained what the Pay It Forward certificate was all about, she was very excited about her new responsibility.

RAK’n Regs

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Had a couple come in today who I see quite often. Got to talk to them for a bit and joke around and really brightened each other’s days. We all traded stories for a little while and they had nothing be great things to say about T-Bones family of Restaurants, the quality of the food we serve, and the awesome staff that we always seem to find to take care of them wherever they are. I took care of their lunch and gave them a Pay It Forward gift card. They told me they were looking forward to continuing our smiles and laughter by presenting it to someone else and making their day as well.

Let the Sunshine Through the Rain!

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Today was a rainy day and I had a customer full of sunshine come in. When I say full of sunshine I mean it, she came in and lit up the room! I wanted to pay it forward to someone who helped brighten my day as well as the other servers and guest in our lounge! Even when it Rains it is possible to have a BRIGHT fun day!!

Long Lost Friends!

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Today we (Julie and I) chose a random table for our RAK.  Just two couples out having lunch together!   Come to find out the gentlemen (Al and Chuck) grew up together and had known each other for over 50 years.  They grew up in Malden MA and have since married (Doreen/Mary Ann) and have both moved to Florida.  It was really fun learning about them and they were all ecstatic over being chosen as our RAK.  We took care of their appetizer and gave each couple a $25 gift certificate to return.  Al is an avid Facebook fan of ours and plans on announcing his pleasure with what we did.   Great table!

Fathers Day Delight

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Yesterday I saw a nice family come in for lunch and this looked like their first time celebrating Fathers Day together.. This dad had such a beautiful young daughter and she was just too cute.. I approached them and wished him a Happy Fathers Day and it was his first! I told them well you are lucky because today I am going to give you a 25.00 Gift certificate to come in for your next visit. This made there day just that much better. Their daughter Elizabeth was making googly sounds and blowing bubbles. I knew I picked the right person to make their day better! Love doing this!