Childhood Cancer

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Today a regular came in looking for a donation for a fundraiser he started. He told me it was for childhood cancer and he started it all on his own. He went into detail about what they would be doing at the fundraiser and how it affects the community as a whole.  I offered him two gift cards to raffle off at his event and he couldn’t have been more happy.

Braces Free

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Robyn, a long time server here at Hudson, brought her daughter and a friend in for lunch. They mentioned how they were celebrating the friend no longer having braces. I gave her a gift card for next time and told her to get something crunchy. She said she will have fun trying to find someone to give back to.

Military Guest

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Tonight Amber waited on a party that was visiting for the first time. They asked if we could do a Military Discount. While it was a Saturday night (We have military discounts on Tuesdays) I decided to show them our RAK program. They had a corporate appetizer coupon and ordered a Boneless Tender along with a Brownie Sundae to wrap up their dinner. I approached the table and let them know that although I couldn’t honor the Military Discount tonight I wanted them to learn about another program -our RAK. I bought their appetizer and brownie sundae and issued them a $25 Gift Certificate allowing them to hold onto their corporate appetizer so they could use it on future visits. I wished them well and told them I hoped they would visit us on any Tuesday with the gift certificate I gave them so they could take advantage of our Military Discount. It blew them away and they will certainly pay it forward and be returning as loyal guests

Celebrating “Debt Free”!

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Today one of our VERY regular guests Kathi came in for lunch.  She usually dines with us alone – sometimes with her daughter and son-in-law.  Today when she came in she was very excited to share that she was debt free!   She was celebrating with a filet – we picked up her tab.  She was excited beyond belief.  She will be heading out this afternoon to spread her good cheer at Walmart!

Bedford T-BONES Regulars!

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Today before I left I wanted to just pick a random table to RAK.  I actually asked some regulars to pick a table number.  They picked a number and went over.  I met Pauline and Paul and come to find out they are frequent visitors of our Bedford T-BONES.  I found out they enjoy ALL of our stores and Paul said he wanted to come to Hudson.  I thanked them for stopping by and picked up their tab.  They were both thrilled and will be seeking out a random person to Pay It Forward in the Manchester area!   Sorry Bedford, they may be Hudson regulars now! 🙂

A Small Rak

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Today we had first time guests come into the bar.  They asked all kinds of questions about the menu and noted that everything looked so good.  They picked out the chicken wontons for an app while they decided on dinner.  I took off their app and let them know at the end of their meal. They were so happy and said they will definitely be back!

Beating the odds!

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A couple dined with us on Thursday night to celebrate that their 11 year old son is thankfully in remission from Leukemia! God is good 🙂 Marsha and I sent them on their way with a generous gift card to come back and celebrate with the entire family!

Little Valentines

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On Valentine’s Day I noticed a woman with her two little girls. She was joined by her date that carried two single roses he gave to each of the girls. They referred to him as “Mike” and I thought it so sweet to include the little ones. They dined in and although I didn’t get to them before they had paid their tab, I gave them a $50 GC to come back and passed along our $25 RAK to pay it forward to someone else. It was a wonderful way to end their night.

Mother Son Date Night

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I saw a mother and her 13 year old son out together on a little dinner date and approached the table to tell them about our RAK program. The  young boy, Evan, was so eager to pay it forward, he found an older gentleman in the restaurant with a veterans cap on and wanted to pass the good vibes right away 🙂


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Tonight we gave our RAK to Lisa’s table of three. They were excited to Pay It Forward. We gave them each a dessert that they took to enjoy at home 🙂 Yummy!